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Benelli SNT Double Gun Case


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So I got a message from my dealer today that the SNT I ordered months ago is finally in. It's the one without the pistol grip.


The specs say overall length is 40" so I'm assuming a 42" bag is fine.


Yes? No?


I'm looking to get a double gun case for this so I can keep the Benelli SNT in one section and a Ruger 10/22 or a Pellet gun the other. 42" seems to be a standard size and I don't want to go larger than I have to.


I'm looking at a bag from Drago that seems to work. (I'd like to keep it under $100, but if it's a little beyond that, ok. Just don't want bag to cost more than anything that's in it!)


Thanks for any info or suggestions.

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Vodoo Tactical makes a double case. It's pretty popular. It's ok quality. If you're just looking for a case to go back and forth to the range and stuff, it's a good option. If you actually intend to use the shoulder harness and trek a few miles with it, I'd go with a 5.11 case or something else.

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After looking at a bunch of options and checking YouTube reviews, I went with the 5.11. It was more than I wanted to spend, but I have other 5.11 gear I've used heavily for rescue squad and other work and it's held up great. So quality won out for an extra $40. Should show up via UPS any day now.


Also, I did pick up the gun yesterday. Can't wait to take it out!

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