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  1. Looks Great! Would look even better on my SuperNova Tactical! Thanks.
  2. I'm facing the same choice. Totally enjoying shooting my relatively new SuperNova tactical. And I can hit clay with it ok, but I know for doing more serious trap I need another option. A new barrel is maybe $300. A that cost, it really just makes more sense to have a wholly separate gun. At least that's where I'm probably headed.
  3. Yeah, I'm starting to think that. I really do enjoy shooting this gun. But it's main purpose is for home defense; ideally never needed of course. So getting a second one of the exact same type just seems a bit... I don't know. May have to look at other options; though probably within Benelli line given just how smooth this gun seems to operate. (Though I've got admittedly limited experience with it.)
  4. A couple of weeks ago I finally got my SuperNova Tactics w/Comfortgrip, 18.5" barrel and ghost ring sites. Got it to the range and just had a great time with it! Sure, slugs kick a bit, but they were dead on accurate at 20 - 50 yards shooting at some old bowling pins. Also was able to hit a bunch of clays with #8 shot. Now this gun is mostly for home defense, but if I want to do more trap shooting, I'm thinking about the 26" barrel. Only issue is the ghost ring sites. Is the Benelli 26" barrel set up for this? Or will this be a problem. This guy got another brand of aftermarket barre
  5. After looking at a bunch of options and checking YouTube reviews, I went with the 5.11. It was more than I wanted to spend, but I have other 5.11 gear I've used heavily for rescue squad and other work and it's held up great. So quality won out for an extra $40. Should show up via UPS any day now. Also, I did pick up the gun yesterday. Can't wait to take it out!
  6. So I got a message from my dealer today that the SNT I ordered months ago is finally in. It's the one without the pistol grip. The specs say overall length is 40" so I'm assuming a 42" bag is fine. Yes? No? I'm looking to get a double gun case for this so I can keep the Benelli SNT in one section and a Ruger 10/22 or a Pellet gun the other. 42" seems to be a standard size and I don't want to go larger than I have to. I'm looking at a bag from Drago that seems to work. (I'd like to keep it under $100, but if it's a little beyond that, ok. Just don't want bag to cost more tha
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