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  1. Correct. Not all 2 3/4" shells are the same size. I've notice that the Federal LE Tactical w/Flight Control in the 9 pellet load is just ever so slightly longer than their 8 pellet load. This makes a difference in my m4 as I can only get 6 rounds in instead of 7. But it's not a problem in my Remington 870. My solution was to just use the 8 pellet rounds. 😎
  2. Honestly man, I know it sounds daunting, but you'll be fine. Plus, I suspect the Smith will have to heat it too to break the Loctite. It's pretty straight forward. Just make sure you have the right tools. A vice to hold the receiver is critical. And a pair of friction type gloves to get a good grip and/or a strap wrench may be useful.
  3. Red dot is overkill on a shotgun IMO. But if I were going to do it, I'd go T1. But I prefer Aimpoints over Eotechs.
  4. Nice! Sounds like they did right by you...which is always good to hear.
  5. +1 It always cracks me up when I see posts like this. "Hey folks, I'm thinking about breaking the law and just wanted to announce it on a public forum that might be monitored by police so that there is a written record of it."
  6. No. Not to my knowledge anyway. Reviews are scattered throughout the forum. Search will find some of them. Try google too. If you're not having luck finding what you need, then post. People here are pretty helpful. Here's a little to get you started... Anything by Carrier Comp is good to go...especially their mag tubes. Expect to wait a bit for it though. And they can be slow to respond. Worth the wait though.
  7. While you're at it, maybe you could ask Benelli why they don't make a few more barrels (longer) for the M4.
  8. Um...dude...you gotta shotgun monkey on your back! Just sayin. ;-)
  9. Ya know, Salient Arms does a lot of work on Benellis and from the pictures I've seen, they have an oversized charging handle. I have no idea what it's made out of or if they are willing to sell you one. But given the delay with Carrier Comp and the lack of other QUALITY choices, it might be worth a quick email to Salient to see if it can be purchased. They're stuff ain't junk, for sure. I suspect it's pretty high quality. Just an idea.
  10. Still go me a set of those too. Never did get around to returning them. To say the two halves don't align is an understatement. The gap is huge.
  11. That can by typical of CC. Fantastic products. And worth the wait. You just have to be patient sometimes.
  12. +1. It's why I no longer buy their products. Their quality is unreliable and their attitude about it is simply frustrating. I would rather go without than deal with them. On a positive note, however, they always seem willing to take it back for return or exchange.
  13. I find that the 9 pellet shells are just ever so slightly longer than the 8 pellet shells which reduces capacity in my M4 by one round. Now I could probably trim a "turn" off of the mag spring to solve the problem but I would prefer not to do that. YMMV
  14. Vodoo Tactical makes a double case. It's pretty popular. It's ok quality. If you're just looking for a case to go back and forth to the range and stuff, it's a good option. If you actually intend to use the shoulder harness and trek a few miles with it, I'd go with a 5.11 case or something else.
  15. You should get both so that you can try them out and then decide! What? I'm an enabler! What can I say.
  16. I was checking out Salient Arms Facebook page the other day and noticed they had a pretty interesting looking oversized bolt handle on the Benellis that they work over. I have no idea if you can purchase these individually or what they might charge for this if they do. But this might be another option.
  17. I was just on Salient Arms Facebook page...which could prove to be very costly. Anyway, I noticed that they both sell and work on M4's. Anybody here got an M4 that they've worked on? Was just wondering how you like it? And heck, as long as I'm asking, anyone got a SA M2?
  18. Welcome to the forum (from San Diego as well). A little time spent with the search function and just reading should give you a pretty good idea of who the preferred vendors are. For me, Carrier Comp will always be my first choice if they make what I need. Note that they are a small operation. You may have to wait for a response and you may have to wait for their products. But their stuff is awesome and they are honorable.
  19. Some of their previous products have had challenges. Glad this one seems to be ok.
  20. Yes, there is not a dominant setup when it comes to mounting a light on the M4. The simplest setup will be some type of simple rail like the below, and of which, there are quite a variety of options. To that you can mount a Surefire G2 with a variety of possible clamp options. Or the CDM clamp essentially combines the two for you. From there you can choose to upgrade to a more expensive light, throw in a remote tape switch, etc...or rig up something completely custom as others have done. It all depends on preference and how much you're willing to spend. http://www.amazon.com/Laserlyte-Shotgun-Rail-Mount-Exte/dp/B0041FPG40
  21. L84Cabo


    I consider myself pretty fortunate that mine has eaten everything I've fed it from day 1. However, that little B***h put me through the ringer swaping out the mag tube. LOL.
  22. Um...so what was wrong with a simple rail clamp that goes on the mag tube? Did you not like having to take if off to break down the gun?
  23. He's standing behind the gun...instead of in front of it
  24. ^^^ This. The Fed Tactical w/Flight Control 9 Pellet 00 is just slightly longer. Can't get the last round in on mine. But the 8 pellet is fine.
  25. They're in a contest with politicians in New York to see which knuckleheads can violate the Constitution more. The stupidity of one of lead wingnuts in this rivals that of Ms Carolyn-It's A Shoulder Thing That Goes Up-McCarthy herself. In this announcement, she proclaims to the public that bullet buttons turn "semi automatic weapons ALMOST into an automatic weapon." Stoopidity can be seen around the 1:20 mark. For those of you in free states, a bullet button simply locks the magazine into the weapon and thus requires a tool to release the mag. You can use the tip of a bullet to do this, hence its name (bullet button). There really should be a law in place that allows immediate impeachment/removal from office when a politician demonstrates such gross incompetence. You should know the details of the legislation you are pushing and voting on. If I acted with that much ignorance in my job I would be fired immediately. And the scary part about all this is that the democrats have a super majority in the state congress so even if by some miracle our liberal governor were to veto this bill, they could still get it passed.
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