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M3 Super 90


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Hello all-

I am new to Benelli shotguns, having recently gotten an HK/Benelli m3 Super 90. I'm planning on using this weapon as my entry gun at work(I work in Law Enforcement, on an entry team). However, I have two questions:

--First, do they offer a shortened LOP stock for this weapon?


--Second, being that this was a used gun, I want to replace the magazine spring-just to "spif" it up. I know that the magazine is (or almost is) permanently attached to the receiver, how does one change the spring in it? Pictures would be GREATLY appreciated, as I'm new to this platform!


Thanks again for the help in advance...I think I'm really going to like this weapon!

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Yes, you have 2 options: DIY sawing and pad fitting or you could try the Mesa Tacitcal. But for the Urbino Stock, you need to select the M1 (despite it says M1/M2 which can not interchange)


This is another option, but you need to get a machine shop to custom make the receiver tube to the smaller threads.



For the Magazine tube, saw off the plastic slide support then use a heat gun to remove the Loxeal or a strong solvent.

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I called Benelli; and they told me there's some sort of retaining clip that holds in the spring--that can be removed without taking off the magazine tube...Any truth to that?


Also-I think I'll go the Mesa Tactical route-Those collapsible stocks look AWESOME, but that's a little too involved for me...Anyone else have any experience with these issues?

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I don't know if mine is like that or not--I don't think I have a magazine end cap. Can you post pictures of the difference between the two? Or perhaps talk me through how to post pictures of mine (sorry-I'm not very computer literate...)


I do know that it's not like my old Remington setup, with a NC extended magazine...This is just one piece...hope that helps

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