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Kent ammo

puddle jumper

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I had come across an ad for Kent shotgun shells that caught my eye. It's a 3 1/2" BB Fasteel shell that has a velocity of 1,625 fps, WOW!! I've been using Federal Ultra-Shok Heavy High Velocity BB with a velocity of 1,500 fps, and I wonder how the Kent ammo stakes up in terms of quality, and knock down power. Has anyone out there tried these shells? Are they any good, and how is the quality?

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The 3.5" Kent BB's pattern like crap in my SBE II. Tried maybe 10 choke tubes - still blown horrible patterns.


Seems dirty to me as well.


I have always suspected my SBE II is more under-bored, which might explain why it likes Kent Matrix and hates most brands of steel shot.


However, it does shoot Federal Ultra Speed Shok - go figger...


You will need to try any shell in your own gun - you can't really rely on anyone else...


mudhen - CA

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