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Ha everyone. Just found this site and need some help.


I just got a Benelli nova and would like to get some accessories. Ive been looking into mag extensions and have found a Tac Star 2 shot extension for a great price. I was wondering if anyone has used or owns a tac star or other extension tube and could recommend the tac star and other models of extensions.


Any comments are welcome.

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thanks for the reply. I saw those and was wondering if anyone has tried one and how good the quality was for about $50 . Ill propably go with a factory mag if i can find on at a good price.


If you do try one let me know how you like it.


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Originally posted by Novaduckhunter:

Ill propably go with a factory mag if i can find on at a good price.

Right now, a good price for those is over $100. Since they have ceased importing them, the prices have just gone through the roof. You may try asking about the Tacstar products over here:



There may be a few more fellows who have tried them out.

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tacstar plus 2 extension for Benelli Nova


Got mine today from Bob Lippman at Lippman Enterprises. Its made of chromoly steel and looks great on the Nova. Attaching it took all of 2 minutes, mounts really solid. The best part is that it really is a plus 3 extension, now instead of 4 +1, I have 7 +1


I took the Nova to my club and fired off a box of #6 shells, 5, 00 buckshot rounds, and 5 slugs. Not one hiccup with the new extension.




Luis Leon


P.S. He also carries the following Benelli extension, and no I'm not affiliated with his company, just passing along information.


Benelli Nova (1081188) - for Benelli Nova and Super Nova- 7 Shot Magazine Extension.



Benelli (1081189) - M1 , M2, M3 ,SBE and SBE ll Models - 8 Shot Magazine Extension.

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