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Help with Benelli M2 Field (11017) shim kit


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When trying to adjust the drop of the stock for my wife's Benelli M2 Field Compact 12 gauge, I ran into an unexpected problem. According to the manual, you use a cast shim labeled "DX" (for right hand), along with a drop shim label "A, B, C or Z" and stack them together between the receiver and the stock itself.


In Benelli's manual, you can stack both the cast and drop shim together because the cast shim has 2 holes while the drop shim has male pins, allowing you to pin the 2 pieces together to the receiver. In the manual, the cast shim looks like this:



However, when I removed the stock on my wife's M2 Field Compact, the cast shim looks very different compared to the illustrated in the manual. It has pins and no holes.



Which means I can't use the "C" drop shim with it because the "C" drop shim also has pins.


I went ahead and put back the cast shim (DX) and installed the stock lock plated "C DX" for the most drop. Not sure if that's the way to do it?


I did it this way because the factory installed the shims as "DX" for the cast shim and stock locking plate "B DX". There is no "B" drop shim included with the shotgun.


Am I doing this wrong? Thanks.

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