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Drop lever on SBE&SBE11


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I was told that after you load your SBE and or your SBE11 you should press the drop lever to put a shell on the carrier for the gun to work right.The person that told me that has a SBE and he said thats what he had to do for the gun to work right.Also does the barrel from the SBE fit on the SBE11 or SBE11 fit SBE.Thanks for any help that I get on this matter,Boo

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Regarding having to release shell # 2 from the magazine onto the shell carrier in order for the SBE and/or SBE2 to function correctly is not true.


I know guys that shoot Sporting Clays that perform this trick with their shotguns (not just Benelli's) since you can only have two shells loaded at one time in Sporting Clays.


The reason they did this was to try to prevent mis-feeds.


When I am shooting Sporting Clays, I just let the SBE2 cycle shell # 2 from the magazine into the chamber. No problems for me.


I cannot answer your question regarding the barrel swapping between SBE and SBE2.


Regards threeshot

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