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300 win mag issue


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So I've read plenty of threads about accuracy of the r1. I don't expect tack driving accuracy, but at least should be able to get 1moa like I've seen others get on here.

I've shot hundreds of rounds and about 10 different factory loads and have gotten down to a 2.5-2.8 inch groups with Hornady American Whitetail 150gr ammo. That is shooting out of a "lead sled" to remove the human error.


I have also noticed some scratches about 1/2 inch inside the muzzle, these scratches are left to right if you were looking in the end of the barrel.

Not sure if that would cause my issue or not.


Is this something I should send it back to benelli for warranty work?


I have also had to tighten my barrel nut 1 notch past the red dot.

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Not quite sure why this forum is Tombstone over the past two years but you should find the archives on all the threads in this R1 forum... they are out there and I dont remember how I found them before.

There are VERY important issues you need to read if it was manufactured prior to 12/13 period. 1.) cleaning the pistons (research immediately for quick onset corrosion avoidance)

2.) loosening the lock nut a 1/4 turn before tight and using loctite to keep tight (strictly for better accuracy)

3.) best ammo tested is fusion 165 grain for accuracy


They updated the pistons and a few other issues in 12/13!


There were some phenomenal posters here and I wish I knew where they ended up and gather but I have not been able to locate any new R1 forums out there. All the best...Find those archives and get on that piston issue ASAP.

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I have seen some of those threads, my gas piston is just like that, I have no corossion issues yet. Mine still spin freely and show no ill signs. Is that something that benelli would swap over to the new style to remedy some of the issues?


Does the updated piston look the same?


I already tighten the fore end but them back it off.

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