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Magazine Capacity of M2 Field Grade, before & after+5 mag install...


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I recently purchased a 21-in M2 field gun, and last weekend removed the plug installed at the factory which was limiting the round capacity to 3-shells (1-chamber, 2-in the mag tube).


I just installed a NordicComp +5 magazine, which I thought would fit flush to the muzzle of the 21-in M2 barrel... turns out the M2 barrel is actually 20.5-in from breech-face to muzzle, and the +5 mag tube extends beyond the muzzle around 7/8-in.


This is not an issue as the mag-tube extending beyond the barrel muzzle slightly under 1-inch isn't (shouldn't be) a problem. I may elect to install an extended choke tube anyway...



Nordic Comp specs indicate that the +5 mag extension would bring the gun to 8+1 capacity, which turns out to be correct.


I was hoping to reach a total capacity of 10, but just because 10 sounds like a good 'round number' (pun intended).


Oddly, though, if the gun was 4+1 w/o the plug, and then you add a +5 extension, it seems like it would increase to 4+5+1 = 10 rounds, total.


Any thoughts or input based on experience would be appreciated.


Thanks... Capt_C

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