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need help with little problem


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i have a sbe2 and i am having a problem with the firing pin not stiking the primer in the shotgun shell at the skeet range. i shoot new shells standard 1 and 1/8 ounce federal 8 shot loads. when i shoot 3 inch turkey loads or 3 1/2 goose loads i don't have the problem. any thoughts?:(

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Google "Benelli click". Locking head doesn't rotate fully into battery after cycling. More of a problem when using light loads, especially with a gun designed to shoot 3 1/2 inch shells, but it can happen any time. If it's a new gun, keep shooting it. Problem sometimes goes away. Sometimes not. I had one gun that did it regularly and another that never did it. I swapped locking heads between the two and never had another problem with either one. Go figure.

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