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Post a photo of Pinned Benelli M4 stocks


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I don't have any pics of a pinned stock but I took some pics of the bare skeleton stock without the cheek piece so you can see what it's like.


Without actually trying it, I think your best bet is likely to drill a hole in the side of the release button, and then drive a slotted spring pin into the hole, leaving enough sticking out that it blocks the button being pressed far enough to disengage the stock. You have to depress the button quite deeply for the stock to disengage, so you wouldn't have to get the hole very close to the stock.


Fair warning: I don't know for sure what the interior of the button is actually like, so proceed at your own risk.


If you want to be really certain, and are confident in your skills, then you can drive out the coiled spring pin that holds the push button in place (it's driven in parallel to the shaft of the stock and visible in the front of picture #4). This will allow you to inspect the button to be sure there is enough material there to hold a split spring pin. You would also be able to more easily clamp and drill the button, yielding a cleaner hole. Please do consider this an advanced operation and there may be unforeseen consequences.


Lastly, for legal purposes, only take possession of your skeleton stock in a state where it's legal, and don't drill the hole clear through, as its likely the authorities will consider a pin that can be driven out with a hammer and punch to not be "permanent".


If anyone has actually tried doing the above, then please chime in.


On a side note, many people don't appreciate, or even know, that the skeleton stock is actually a single CNC machined aluminum die casting with a butt pad and cheek piece screwed on.



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