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  1. We're expecting more in the last week of October. Please sign up for the auto-notify on our site to ensure you don't miss it.
  2. Don't know for sure. We'll have to order one from Aimpoint to test out to give you a definitive answer.
  3. https://scalarworks.com/shop/integral-mounts/sync-01/ $119. We also have a Micro T-2 compatible version. Check the website for details.
  4. Correct. No Picatinny mount will allow for a co-witness. They will also throw off your cheekweld by raising the RMR as much as they.
  5. The newer H2/T2's optical center is 1mm higher than the older H1/T1's. Aimpoint thickened the base when they updated the design. The Sync/Micro will work with both.
  6. Being a Trijicon OEM partner has it's privileges: The new Type 2 RM06 won't be officially released until mid-July but Scalarworks has a small supply of them in-stock and ready to ship right now. https://scalarworks.com/shop/optic-bundles/sync-trijicon-rmr-bundle/ The Trijicon RMR Type 2 has an all new battery compartment and electronics.
  7. Thanks for all of the pics and positive feedback. Keep'em comin'! Here's are some from a customer who drilled/tapped his M2 field in order to mount a Sync.
  8. Thanks, Tinman. Glad you like it so far. Post up some pics from the range if you take any.
  9. I feel your pain. Getting that front sight post and rear ghost ring in something resembling focus is really challenging. Thanks for posting these pics.
  10. It does mount with 4 screws. Please scroll down the product page to the "strength in numbers" section on your desktop/tablet in landscape mode (mobile version doesn't show this well yet- we will fix it tomorrow). https://scalarworks.com/optic-mounts/sync-benelli/
  11. Thanks. They do have a shoulder to prevent over-penetration into the receiver. On most shotguns we've tested that also coincides with the slot height, but on others you will have to adjust the height a bit to suit the slots. It's all spelled out in the installation instructions. No big deal.
  12. We don't ship to Canada because we have a Canadian distributor: https://rampartcorp.com/ They will have the Sync in stock by next week. Please check back with them then.
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