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  1. We're expecting more in the last week of October. Please sign up for the auto-notify on our site to ensure you don't miss it.
  2. Don't know for sure. We'll have to order one from Aimpoint to test out to give you a definitive answer.
  3. https://scalarworks.com/shop/integral-mounts/sync-01/ $119. We also have a Micro T-2 compatible version. Check the website for details.
  4. Correct. No Picatinny mount will allow for a co-witness. They will also throw off your cheekweld by raising the RMR as much as they.
  5. The newer H2/T2's optical center is 1mm higher than the older H1/T1's. Aimpoint thickened the base when they updated the design. The Sync/Micro will work with both.
  6. Being a Trijicon OEM partner has it's privileges: The new Type 2 RM06 won't be officially released until mid-July but Scalarworks has a small supply of them in-stock and ready to ship right now. https://scalarworks.com/shop/optic-bundles/sync-trijicon-rmr-bundle/ The Trijicon RMR Type 2 has an all new battery compartment and electronics.
  7. Thanks for all of the pics and positive feedback. Keep'em comin'! Here's are some from a customer who drilled/tapped his M2 field in order to mount a Sync.
  8. Thanks, Tinman. Glad you like it so far. Post up some pics from the range if you take any.
  9. I feel your pain. Getting that front sight post and rear ghost ring in something resembling focus is really challenging. Thanks for posting these pics.
  10. It does mount with 4 screws. Please scroll down the product page to the "strength in numbers" section on your desktop/tablet in landscape mode (mobile version doesn't show this well yet- we will fix it tomorrow). https://scalarworks.com/optic-mounts/sync-benelli/
  11. Thanks. They do have a shoulder to prevent over-penetration into the receiver. On most shotguns we've tested that also coincides with the slot height, but on others you will have to adjust the height a bit to suit the slots. It's all spelled out in the installation instructions. No big deal.
  12. We don't ship to Canada because we have a Canadian distributor: https://rampartcorp.com/ They will have the Sync in stock by next week. Please check back with them then.
  13. We had some technical issues with the site but it's working now. Thanks for your patience.
  14. You are the one and only person to have been able to order one so far. The website is slow as molasses and the mounts are showing as out of stock. We don't know why yet but we're working on it. Thanks for your understanding.
  15. Mounts just went live. We have to stagger them or the server explodes trying to send that many emails at once.
  16. That too. You could put a light or sling mount on there but in practice both of those options sucked.
  17. We re-designed our original RMR mount for several good reasons: 1- To bring the RMR even lower to the receiver so that it could co-witness all the way down to the lowest rear iron sight setting. 2- To provide the RMR with an air-tight platform to sit on and guarantee a water tight seal. 3- To make the whole thing smoother and lighter weight. 4- To have a design that could potentially accommodate an Aimpoint Micro platform.
  18. lol. You are correct. I meant "affirmative", not "absolute co-witness". For anyone keeping track; we have photos up of production Syncs and Sync bundles on our website. https://scalarworks.com/ I'm happy to announce that we will meet our revised launch date and are working tirelessly to beat it. Stay tuned!
  19. Hopefully this Sunday (3/12/17). Monday at the latest (3/13/17).
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