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Frachi Miss Fire


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18 Nov. 14




I'm assuming that you are getting lightly dented primers and the shell fails to fire.


Check to see that nothing is getting in the way of the firing pins. Some times debris or oil can collect in that area and cause light primer strikes.


You might change ammunition. Some people claim that some manufacturers have "hard primers".


If the primers aren't being struck at all, there is nothing you can do save contact Franchi customer service.


I've had my Renaissance for many years and have had zero problems.


Good luck.



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One quick and easy check. Assemble the gun, make sure the hammers are cocked then take the forend and barrels off. Shake the receiver from front to back. If the cocking rod in the receiver moves or rattles back and forth more than 1/16 of an inch then the hammer cam spring is broken. This will keep the cocking cam from resetting and slow the hammer drop on occasion causing intermittent misfires. Difficult to replace without specialty tools. Let the Franchi people take care of it. Pretty sure they will take care of it under warranty.

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