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M4, safe handling, manual

born again

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Hi all,


I´m relatively new to the M4, having no more than about 500 rounds thru it in simple operations (Load 5, shoot 5, repeat)


Now I´m heading for practical competition and try to handle the gun in every way possible, including "worst practices" in order to prepare for all things that may happen under stress.


That´s where my question is coming from....


The M4 manual states on page 40 (cartridge drop lever):


"When the red point is visible, the hammer is cocked and the gun is ready to fire; otherwise the hammer is not cocked."


That I translated into "no red dot, no hammer cocked, relatively safe".


Then I tried this:


1. Gun is empty, Bolt is locked open. No red dot.

2. Insert DUMMY Cartridge, press bolt release. red dot shows up, bolt snaps forward. Gun is ready to fire.

3. Press cartridge drop lever until a click is heard. Red Dot is gone, according to the manual the hammer now is not cocked.

4. Disengage safety, pull trigger, CLICK


I am not sure, but think that CLICK is a KABOOM and Accidental Discharge when using live rounds ? I tried this with dummyrounds only, so I am not sure if I understand everything right. Me being new to this model, I may plainly be wrong. But if not and the red dot isn´t about the hammer, but the cartridge drop mechanism, then the manual is a little less precise than I would like it to be.


Can someone with better knowledge of the M4 help me here ?

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Understood and thanks for the fast reply. I would like to add: It is not a "cocking status display" either, just to make clear that the manual appears to be a bit ambiguous.


Hopefully, this is corrected in some later version - since I got the wrong idea, others may too and the last thing anyone needs is a KABOOM when not expected.


Great forum, will ask some more pesky questions :)

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