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Does anyone here have a Benelli M2 with a collapsible stock / conversion


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Hi HK, good questions.


-Yes, it uses that 166s tube, it is foremost universal to the GLX, RX4*, MR1*, M2, Supernova and M3**. It can be attached to the SBEII because of the rubber plug, but I have never seen anyone do it. All other considerations will require modification.


-The Plunger assembly can be transplanted directly from the M4. But do not reuse use the Chrome spring plunger that is significantly longer (From the M1, M2, etc..).


-The stock is a perfect mating fit with the new 21st century style receiver.


-Collapsing feature was removed because California does not allow a functioning stock that reduces in size. However, the stock wobbles too much for me so I just use the full length pistol grip. I forgot what pin sized I used (4mm?), but I do recall it was problematic to get it installed.


-I did have me M2 with the collapsing stock assembly, but I never took pictures of it before I created my franken'build.

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For some reason I forgot some key details from the first posts.


*Beretta has a stock set with a pistol grip completely plastic (no rubber grip) and the Beretta "three arrow logo". The stock is left unchanged. The RX4 rifle and GLX is suppose to use this pistol grip.


*The MR1 is suppose use this grip (but without the Beretta logo) as well; that is why in the forums archives it was recorded that you had to modify the grip (with rubber) to fit on the American MR1.


image source: Benelli Italy


**The M3 IS THE LONGEST SURVIVING line in conjunction to the Montefeltro. The receiver that perfectly matches the plastic collapsing stock is rounded at the end with a plastic receiver.


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