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Proper spring length on full length tubes - BENELLI M4


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i have a couple of questions regarding proper spring lengths on full length tubes on the M4. i tried doing google and youtube searches but nothing specifically answers my questions...i'm not the best when it comes down to searching key words.



  • I have a 5 round factory tube originally on my M4...if i was to install the OEM full length tube (the OEM full length tube did not come with a spring), do i end up re-using the spring that came with my original 5 round configuration? if not...what spring must be used? and does that spring need to be cut to spec?



  • My Carriercomp full length tube comes with a WOLFF XP spring. when installed, does that spring need to be cut in any way to prevent cycling issues or is that spring already sized to spec?


any answers to these questions would be a great help...not only to me...but i am pretty sure somebody else out there wondered about this as well.

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