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Any Silencerco Salvo 12 reports?


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Got offered a pretty decent deal on a Salvo12 with a choke by a local dealer for about $850. Been wondering how fun and how useful it would be on my M4.


Would you guys recommend getting one? Never shot or seen a suppressed shotgun before so I'm completely clueless as youtube videos haven't been too helpful with the sound quality on the uploaded videos.


But a part of me also thinks that it's about half of what a new Benelli M4 SBS Entry shotgun would cost haha.

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I have one on my M4, along with the 8" and 6" kits. It's still loud as **** with the 8" and no ear pro, so I didn't bother with the 6". It's much quieter in the stock 12" form, but you'll definitely notice the weight on the end of your gun. I may try the 10" kit for dove hunting, or just stick it out with the 12".


Also according to a silencershop review, the M4 is louder as a host, probably due to the bolt unlocking faster than the mossberg 930 they tested.

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