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  1. Dropped price. Didn't realize what they're selling for new these days.
  2. I had it installed for a while, but I prefer the traditional field stock and I'd rather have some cash toward a new car. Asking $225, free shipping.
  3. I have one on my M4, along with the 8" and 6" kits. It's still loud as **** with the 8" and no ear pro, so I didn't bother with the 6". It's much quieter in the stock 12" form, but you'll definitely notice the weight on the end of your gun. I may try the 10" kit for dove hunting, or just stick it out with the 12". Also according to a silencershop review, the M4 is louder as a host, probably due to the bolt unlocking faster than the mossberg 930 they tested.
  4. Whew, haha got it. Time for a victory beer while the receiver and my hands cool off. I guess it just had to get past that break point.
  5. I've been heating this thing for the past hour and a half now and it's out far enough that the handguard retaining ring is able to spin around but it's a brick wall now. I'm seeing these other threads where everyone is saying minimal torque is required. Maybe my heat gun is garbage? It's a 1200W one. What I assume was threadlocker smoke was coming out of the mag tube at one point, but not for the past 45 minutes.
  6. I got maybe half a turn, and it's stuck. Won't move in either direction now, no matter how much heat I apply with this heat gun. I held the heat gun to it for 5 minutes straight and no luck.
  7. Huh. I put in an order back in September. Should I be concerned?
  8. Nah no worries, I wanted to see if they would fit on my gun or not and they just happened to be slightly long. Definitely not sore over the trade, so hopefully I'm not giving that impression.
  9. Whoops should've looked a bit closer. I have the FFT handguards and they're just slightly too long on my gun.
  10. I got one of the above forends in a trade. How do I fix the fit issue?
  11. Wow awesome price. I paid $300 for mine.
  12. Damn. I would but I already put in an order for a CarrierComp one. I'm mostly just after a field stock for trades, although I certainly would consider other items.
  13. Thanks guys. Anyone want to buy one for $50 shipped?? haha
  14. What would a fair price be for the factory M4 pistol grip stock? I got a good deal on the collapsible stock, so I'm selling off the old one. Do people trade their field stocks for pistol grip ones? I imagine the field stocks are in higher demand though.
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