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SBE2 jams with Kents.


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Anybody else have problems with Kents in your SBE2? Originally I was getting double feed jams. After the first shot it would release the first she'll from the mag but the second one would push past the carrier latch. I attributed it to the edge of the rim being a bit more round than the other brands and the forward edge of the carrier also being kind of round because of how it is formed. Sent it in, they made an adjustment to the latch but within a case of shells it was doing it again. I put in an old style SBE latch that has a flatter edge and that fixed it.


This year it started stove piping. Tore it all the way down. Recoil tube, ejector plate, everything. Cleaned everything and lubed with the oil supplied by Benelli. Still did it. Contacted Benelli (best gun company customer service people I've ever dealt with) and they sent me a new ejector plate and ejector spring. Still stovepipes. Replaced the recoil spring with a Wolff extra power spring. Still does it.


The first time it went in they recut the extractor groove. The extractor looks fine and the spring has good tension so I don't think that has anything to do with it. It just seems like the roms of the Kents are pushing past the ejector.


I bought some different shells to get me through the rest of the season but was just wondering if any of you guys have any more ideas of things I should check before I send it back in. I know that I could just quit shooting the Kents but I've never had a shotgun that needed a special diet and it darn sure isn't going to be the most expensive one I own that does. Haha!

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"I know that I could just quit shooting the Kents . . ."


Based on everything you've already done to correct the problem, there's your answer right there. Face it; it's a fact of life that some firearms don't mix well with some ammo, no matter what you do to the gun. And there's no rhyme or reason in many cases. I've got one M1 that gobbles up Estate ammo like nobody's business. I've got another M1 that chokes on every other round of the very same ammo. Fiddled with the gun till I'm blue in the face and came to the realization that I need to quit trying to shoot Estate ammo in that gun. Runs like a champ on other ammo. Who knows why? Shotgunnery is a big magical mystery. Why does one shoot a pattern that looks like an ammo advertisement while another identical gun shooting the same ammo throws patterns a goose can fly through? Try a couple of other things: Find a buddy that has a SBEII and give him some of your Kents. See if he has the same problem. Do you buy the ammo by the case? Perhaps you got a bad lot this year. Try a couple of different Kent loads, i.e., 9's instead of 7.5's. If it still works with everything else BUT Kents, again, there's your solution. :)

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Well I think I fixed it. I blackened the rim of a case and when I ejected it, the ejector was barely making contact with the rim. I welded up the leading edge of the ejector and reshaped it so it would reach past the round edge of the rim and make contact with the face of the head. Maybe added .025-.030 of reach to the ejector tip. Haven't had any jams since. Have to put a few more boxes of shells through it to know for sure but it's about a hundred times better than it was.

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