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MR1 Value/feedback


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Hi everyone, Im new here, but had a few questions. I picked up a Benelli MR1 from a LGS about a year ago. It was advertised as new in the box and I do not show any signs that the gun has ever been fired. It has the original box and all the paperwork from the factory. It has the adjustable stock (box and paperwork also) as well as the standard fixed stock and it has the picatinny rail system on the front of the gun (I believe these are the only upgrades available). The gun has no scratches or markings on it and is completely flawless. I was thinking of selling it but have no idea what its worth. Ive seen crazy prices on gun broker of the gun with a fixed stock, but haven't seen any prices with the adjustable stock or picatinny rail system. I have an M4 that I love and picked up this gun strictly because of the name, but may sell it to fund other projects. Regardless, I'll leave a pic, but can someone give me an idea what its worth and where the best place to get rid of it would be? Thanks!



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Can anyone perhaps point me to a person or dealer that can at least help me?


Oh, I don't know, maybe the LGS you bought it from? You should have an idea what it's worth because you bought it. Some people think of guns as an "investment" that they can flip and make a bunch of money off of. That may be true of some guns but modern guns won't be "investments" for another hundred years or so, if ever. Right now, it's worth what folks are willing to pay. You can get an idea from GunBroker/etc., but in the final analysis do they actually SELL at the asking price? If you really want to get rid of it, put it on GunBroker with a reserve that you're comfortable with and then see what happens. Or put it on consignment locally. Take it to a local gun show with a high asking price on it. Walk around and you'll see what kind of interest there is in it. You'll get low-ball offers . Haggle. Otherwise, take that thing out and shoot it. A lot.

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