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M1 Super 90 Extended Mag Question


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Hello all!


I recently inherited a Benelli M1 Super 90 from my dad. Right now its more of a home defense set up with a pistol grip stock and a 7+1 extended mag. Now my question is in regards to the extended mag.


To me it looks as if there is an "end cap" missing from the end of the mag when you are looking directly at it - looking from the side though it appears to be flush and clean. So my question is this - is there an end cap missing? or is this simply how the mag comes? It just seems unfinished to me.


Please let me know what you think!





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There is no end cap on that extension. You're actually missing a piece and the piece that's showing on the end of the extension doesn't belong there. That piece is the original magazine spring retainer for a standard-length magazine tube. The mag extension comes with a "cup" rather than a "cap" that is inserted into the extension first and retains the magazine spring. It's the round item below with the small hole in the middle. That's what should be showing at the end of your magazine extension. (forget about the two pieces at the bottom of the picture - more explanation needed for that and isn't relevant)

While the spring retainer probably works OK in your tube a problem may arise if you fully load the magazine. That retainer compresses in a manner similar to a split ring to remove it from its designated space. In its current location, pressure from a fully loaded magazine MAY force that retainer out the end of your tube and you'll have a magazine spring go shooting out the end, not to mention the retainer turning into a projectile that could cause you some serious damage it you're looking at it wrong when it happens. If it were mine, I'd try to find the correct part. Numrich and Brownells still list the correct part as available. It's called a "magazine tube plug" or "spring retainer". Part 106 on Brownell's schematic. http://www.brownells.com/schematics/Benelli-U-S-A-/Super-90-M1-Field-sid682.aspx#s15402sid682



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