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SBEII Barrel Wear


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My SBEII now have a problem. Turning the cartridge and the locking head in the barrel chamber fails.

First I thought it was the bolt group having a wear-problem, but I found out that there is wear-edge in the metal of the barrel exactly where the extractor hit the barrel under locking. This edge sometimes now block the turning movement of the locking head

Anybody know this problem? .... and how to solve it correct?

SBE II Left Hand 7 years old and approximately 20.000 rounds



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Does the bolt fail to turn into lockup when firing? or only when hand cycling?



The bolt is moving forward with much more velocity when fired and if no problem exists then I would not worry about it.



If the problem exists when firing you can smooth off the extractor cut in the barrel (20,000 rounds is enough for the extractor to wear a groove into the barrel metal). No need to remove a significant amount of metal, just smooth off any rough edge or groove with 320 grit sandpaper wrapped around a small square file or flat wooden stick. I'd likely install a new extractor at the same time just to be safe.

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Thank you Steve


The problem occur when firing but difficult to show in a quick movie

I'm a little surprised that this problem can occur in a Benelli after only 20K rounds. I remember a video from Tom Knap where he presented a Benelli that have shoot much, much more rounds ...

Ok, but now I know.

I will follow your advice and smooth off the edge as you describe

Thank you for helping me - I really appreciate that you took time to answer my post

Super forum ...



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