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M4 Stock removal?


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Hi guys,

Just found this forum which is great!

I am the pround new owner of a 11707. It is a pistol grip model. Having a problem removing the stock. On a snowy Sunday. Want to see what the collapsable stock is like. In the booklet it only shows instructions for removing the collaspable. So from my Super 90 experience have removed butt pad and retaining nut. But now I'm stuck! The stock isn't sliding off. Have giggled it a bit and given it a gentle tap but no joy. Is there a pin I'm meant to remove also? I thought all stocks were meant to be inter changeable without tools? Once or if I get the stock off, does the collaspable even fit this model?

Many thanks.

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Yeah you can put those parts back on. I'd be sure to put the retaining nut back before proceeding since I think this captures the retaining piece and tensioning spring which mount behind the swing swivel plate. These parts all stay assembled within the M4 stock and are not to be touched for taking the stock off.


To remove the stock, you first ensure the weapon is unloaded and field strip the weapon. You then press in on the dimpled pin on the right side of the receiver which holds the trigger assembly in place (axle bush in Benelli talk). When the head pops out on the left side, you can easily grab it and pull it out about the 1" until it stops (it is captured from falling out). You then press and hold the carrier release button and wiggle the trigger group to the front and down to remove it from the receiver. From here, grasp the receiver in one hand, the buttstock in the other, and simply unscrew the two in a counterclockwise motion. Once free, the entire stock slides off the recoil spring tube.


To replace, simply slide the stock on, screw back in place and replace the trigger group. This works the same for the collapsable, since you just screw the small pistol grip portion on in place of a full stock. The sliding buttstock then just slides in place with the rotating back and forth to clear the cuts.

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