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828u owners

Kenny Powers

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I'm new to this forum and a new hunter (4 dove seasons). I own a M1 in 12gauge 24" and a M2 in 20gauge 26". I love them and really don't need anything else, but I wanted something new, a 12gauge with a longer barrel(28"), plus I'm turning 40 this month. So I've been doing my research online and shouldering different guns for the last couple of months just trying to narrow it down and keep it under my budget ($1500). I did some research on the 828u and found mostly good things to say other than recoil, but at over $2000 I didn't invest much more time than that and wasn't sure about a double for a field gun.

I figured I'd get another M2 or maybe even a SBE2. I wanted to do some water foul at some point anyway, done........

Then I shouldered the 828u, it fit me perfectly. I had picked up 20+ shotguns over the last 2 months giving any brand and model a chance.

But the 828u 28" was my Glass slipper. My Wife gave me the nod and I made a snap purchase. Sense then I've read everything I could find on the gun but its all initial gun reviews and they all say the same thing.

I want to here about the gun's Field performance from 828u owner's that had a couple of hunts under there belts with this gun. Any problems? How bad is the recoil really?

Dove season is only 6 weeks away. I'll post my findings after that.

And I guess I'd better bring along the M1 and M2 just in case.



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Head out to a skeet range. Always in season and no bag limit. You can do all the shooting you want. Somebody telling you about how a gun recoils or handles isn't going to mean anything compared to shooting the gun yourself.


Thanks Truckcop,

The skeet range is a given. I,m not worried about the recoil so much.

Wondering more about how the owners feel about the gun after spending some time with it out in the field and how the 828u is holding up after a couple of hunts.

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