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Montefelto Model Numbers

John Pucel

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I just purchased a Montefelto. The model number on the box was 10809 but in looking up most guns for sale they list the gun as Model 10869. Can anyone tell me what the difference is. Want to make sure I got the right gun. The sale price (new) was about a $100 less for the 10809.

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More than likely it's a matter of barrel length. The Benelli website doesn't show a 10809 but a couple of dealer websites indicate the 869 with a 26" barrel and the 809 as 28", same as the 870 shown on the Benelli site. Who knows? Model numbers and specs change. For a definitive answer, call Benelli customer service. They're usually pretty responsive to such inquiries. Also, make sure the serial number on the box matches the serial number on the gun. It's possible that someone pulled out the wrong box when you purchased it.

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