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Point of impact ?


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Originally posted by callinfowl:

Thanks a bunch mudhen,

How's things at the other place ?

Sounds like I'm out for good !

Oh well couldn't of happend to a nicer guy. LOL

I have to go get this gun dailed in for fridays dove shoot, gonna hit the sac river down stream from you.


Thanks again.


It's fine.


Sometimes the more some folks want to come back, the more they resist. Don't know much about the whole situation.


That gun should shoot 70/30 with the A shim.


mudhen - CA

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Yeah I got the boot .

I guess I don't follow rules so well. LOL


That little 20ga hits perfect with B shim in it.

The gun is sweat, man it throws a perfect beach ball

size pattern at 30 yards with all the chokes pretty equal. ( not much deferents at all.)


The IC tube that came in the gun when I bought it

needs to be replaced ,it looks like it was rolling around the bottom of the ship on the way here from Italy, either that or they test fired that tube for like 10 years . LOL no biggie I'm sure they will send me out a new one !


Does anyone have the 1-800 # that I should call to get this resolved?


Thanks got to get to work now , have a great day.

Dan King


[ 08-31-2006, 07:25 AM: Message edited by: callinfowl ]

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