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M1 Field, Montefeltro or A391 Teknys

Danger Mouse

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Well, my father-in-law has drug me hunting often enough now that I'm looking at purchasing my own gun.


To start, I'm a shotgun idiot. I know how to work the saftey, shoot target, not point the barrel at other people, and the differenct between Pump, O/U, and Automatic.


I'm looking for something to mainly hunt Pheasant with, but may move beyond that later if I find I really enjoy hunting beyond spending time w/ friends and family.


All three of these guns are comfortable for me to shoulder. They're fairly comparable in price range and from what I understand, reputation as well.


From a technical merit I'd like to know what would make one or the other more reliable over time (isn't that what everyone asks?), as well as which one does the better job of not donkey kicking your shoulder.


Beyond that, I keep hearing about things like drop and shims, and recoil reducers and, and, and...


Does a recoil reducer unbalance a gun?


I'd started looking at the Montefeltro, but like the options on the M1 better but they both feel 'comfortable' to shoulder & swing. The same goes for the Teknys.


I'm not really looking for someone to trash another product, just why you think one would be better than the other. I know there are some people who have probably had terrible experiences with both brands and/or models which is unfortunate but I've seen $100 T.V.'s last 3 years, and $500 ones blow up when you plug them in. In the end its luck of the draw, just some brands have more 'luck' than others.



Danger Mouse

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In the event you didn't know, Beretta owns Benelli.


The Teknys will by far reduce recoil over a Benelli for the fact that it is gas operated versus the inertia operated Benelli.


The self cleaning gas system on the Beretta is for all practial purposes just as reliable as the Benelli. (unless you submerse it in water)


The Teknys sporting weighs 6.5 lbs without the mercury reducer in it and 7.3 with it in. Even with it in it weight less then the M1.


All the ones you mentioned are good guns, if you ever pick up sporting clays etc.... you will be happy you went with the gas gun (teknys)

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My preference would be the M1 or Montefeltro. I have had bad luck with Gas operated guns at the worst moment. In the duck blind where you have the chance of hunting in freezing conditions I have had Condensation turn to ice in the gas system and it would not function correctly. The M1 or Montefeltro would be great choices even if you take up sporting clays or waterfowl hunting. I have an M1, 2 SBE's, and a Nova Pump and have never had a problem. The recoil operation of the semi-autos just seams to function no mater the conditions.

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