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Which shotgun type for beginner Trap shooter ?


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2 Nov. 16


Trap is a game usually shot with relatively stout 1 1/8 target loads. Recoil can become a factor for some people especially if you shoot several rounds.


Don't get me wrong I love my ID Affinities and Benelli ultra light but ID guns kick more than gas operated guns of a similar weight. Fixed breech guns like pumps and O/Us kick as much or more than ID guns of similar weight.


When I shoot trap, I was a Remington 1100. No one ever accused the 1100 of being light but they are reliable and have low recoil. The new Remington V3 can be had for the same price (or slightly less than) the Affinity and they claim the lowest recoil available in guns of that weight.


I know this is a Benelli site but in this case, I would really recommend a gas gun and the price on that V3 is hard to beat



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While high-end shotguns are some of the most extravagant and expensive guns made, it certainly doesn’t mean you need to shell out several thousand dollars to be able to succeed on a skeet or trap field. Unlike rifles and pistols where more money means objectively better accuracy or clearer and more precise optics, shotguns are limited by the somewhat primitive nature of their ammunition. Pushing a bunch of tiny pellets through a smooth tube just isn’t that complicated, and because of that there are great shotguns that can fit nearly any budget. If you’ve never shot clays with a shotgun, you really owe it to yourself to try it. To that end, here are some great low-cost to get you started breaking clays.



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My teenage son started shooting trap with a cheap Tristar gas-powered semi-auto.  Once it became clear that he was going to keep up with the hobby, we upgraded his shotgun because there were some reliability issues with the Tristar and my son loves to shoot doubles when he can.  He is very lean and hasn't filled out his frame yet.  His first round of trap was always his best score, so fatigue seems to be an issue.  For him, I didn't think it was recoil but the weight of the gun.  I got him a Benelli Ultralight and now he won't go back to the Tristar.  Recoil is a little more stout, so we just lightened up the loads and all is well.  For him, it is easier to swing the (really light) Benelli and if you can hit a clay with 1-1/8 oz load you still hit it with a 1-oz load.  That, and you can wear a vest with a recoil pad.

Now, he is getting bored with trap, and I think the Ultralight is well suited for Sporting Clays and 5-stand as well.

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