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Sbe 2 shim question

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So I think I'm messed up putting my shim in last year after I cleaned the gun from the season.


I pulled the stock off and there was a single dx shim between the receiver and the butt.


I always remember i shot a c shim. Reading online I am reading that your suppose to stack the dx shim with either a,c,z. My dx shim doesn't allow me to stack it as it has nipples on both sides like my a c z.


should there only be one shim in the middle on the sbe2?


What did I do?


what is the Dx shim for?

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Are you sure the A, C & Z shims have the protrusions or do they have holes? If that's the case you may have a mix of different gun's shims. Did you buy it new or used?

The DX shim is for buttstock cast for a right-handed shooter. It goes up against the receiver first. The A, etc., are for adjusting the height of the stock relative to the receiver. You don't have to use those shims. The shims work in concert with the metal plate inside the buttstock. They are paired using the letters. You'll find an explanation of the different shims in the Owner's Manual. If you don't have an OM you can download one: http://www.benelliusa.com/sites/default/files/originals/product-manuals/sbe_ii.pdf

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Yes the dx shim as well as the the other shims all have protrusions.


Could this have been affecting my shot?


Here is a pic of my dx shim



All the other shims look identical except for the taping on the shim to allow for drop

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