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SL 80 questions


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Me again. No manual, buddy's shotgun.


So, I was concerned when I couldn't get the gun to cycle rounds from the magazine when I manually cycled it. I thought, ****, why doesn't the spring loaded latch release the next round from the mag?


Just to be sure, I cleaned her up well, lubed it (note - hasn't been shot since my buddy left for overseas 12 years ago so wasn't dirty), and took her to the range. Two in the mag, one in the chamber.


You guessed it: BOOM, BOOM BOOM.


Don't laugh, but I presume you need the recoil to release the next round?? :confused:


Next question: how can I tell if this model takes a 3" shell? Nothing on the gun itself tells me - and I can make out basic Italian!


Last question: what's the best way to put a choke sytem in one of these? It looks to me to be a straight cylinder. Is that something that needs to be retro-fitted by a gunsmith?


Thanks in advance from Canada!

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Thanks fellas. I believe it is a pre '86.


The mag release seems to work fine when actually firing; there were no feed problems. It's just that I was surprised that the mag wouldn't release when manually cycling the bolt.


Off to the gunsmith I go for the threads.


Thanks again.


[ 09-24-2006, 09:38 AM: Message edited by: Sharkson ]

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