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Nova Slug Barrel Question...


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i bought a second 12 Guage Nova Today, this one in black with 26" barrel, my other is the same but Max-4. I also got a cantilever Slug Barrel. I bought it from a Benelli Dealer, and he said it was a genuine Benelli Slug Barrel. I question this due to the fact that the name benelli is no where on it. All that is stamped or engraved on the barrel is 12 Ga. 3 inch Made in USA. The box just says Nova 24" Cantilever Rifled Slug Barrel on a little white sticker.

My two 26 inch barrels have all kinds of things written on them including Benelli, and Made in Italy. They also hace serial numbers.


Did I get hosed?


Could someone post a photo of a genuine Benelli slug barrel other than the one on the Benelli Websight. I was wondering if this is the Ithaca Barrel I have heard mention of?




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I can imagine your disappointment and anger. You were probably all psyched that you had a super versatile setup with all your bases covered ... then wind up with a headache. If you used your credit card to make the purchase you may have an avenue to get your money back if the guy doesn't "do the right thing" for you. Credit card companies have procedures to follow, but will often credit your account if you were given incorrect, inferior, or broken merchandise.

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I have talked to the dealer, and he said he was going to call Benelli and find out what is going on. He claims that he ordered it from benelli. I also found a sight that sells the Barrels and the model number for the new Benelli Cantilever Barrel is 81055, and that is the number on the box, makes you wonder if some one played the old switch a roo. I didn't use a credit card, traded my .44 magnum for it at a gun show, good news is the dealer who is from 130 miles away is actually from my home town, my father went to school with him, and I am related to half the town, so I won't have any trounle getting a hold of him :mad:

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