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performance shop SuperSport trigger question


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It is my understanding that the performance shop SuperSport has lighter trigger pull than the normal SuperSport. I have a stock SuperSport that I would like a lighter trigger pull for shooting trap. Is there any way I can buy a trigger group for a performance shop SuperSport to use in my SuperSport? ? If I buy a different group, I would not have any downtime and I could switch back if I don't like it.





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hhmm,tricky,ask Benelli USA,pm some of these more knowledgeable guys on here,find a bad ass gunsmith,etc,theres a ton of trap and skeet forums too,best to ya


I found the answer. The supersport is done by Briley. They want about $85 for the same job they do on the "performance shop" version and about $275 for a match trigger. With the match trigger they replace some parts and not just modify them. I was kind of hoping I could just buy a trigger group with the work done from them but they don't sell them. I have been looking around to see if I could buy a used trigger group to have done but I haven't found one yet. I shoot in all the time and wanted to avoid done time.

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Briley does the SuperSport triggers. Most other Benelli guns are done by Rob Roberts at 870-251-9955



Does anyone know what other guns would have the same trigger group as my SuperSport? I am still leaning toward getting a spare and having the spare modified.

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