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  1. Funny enough, I have received several e-mail about this now. It has been sold nearly a year ago. Thanks for all the positive support on here. ;) Someone still needs to make a proper buffer/recoil system for this platform.. until then.
  2. It will break in. They are gritty guns new, most guns are. The riding/gliding rails will polish smooth. Also springs will set, Leave it stored with the bolt locked back. These guns have a very Weak spring and a very heavy bolt. They are a buffer less design and beat the **** out of the receiver/your shoulder.. I'd really like to see/help design a realistic buffer for this thing, it certainly could use one. Also SAI? Lightens the bolt and does other tweeks to improve light loading. These M4s do need some help. Heavy Target load only
  3. It must suck to be so poor, and low on the totem pole, that you have to publicly complain and whine about somebody selling something at reasonable market value. Go look at old MG parts or muscle car fenders, and tell me I am a price gouger. How much is a MG34 charging handle? a BAR gas tube? Used to be $60~ now they are $500 if you can find them! You are just sour you can't afford this product at my price, and didn't buy it when it was available. Are all stock brokers a price gouger?.. You really need to pull that head out of your ass.
  4. 1700 Views bump for the snowflakes.
  5. If you're interested in purchasing the hammer, feel free to make an offer
  6. It's not. That's not how things work, This is new in the package, unused. It is right on par with Geissele's other new offerings for equally priced platforms. I urge you to look at the MCX, Scar, or Sopmod trigger. The latter being $400, and still available! This is not. Thank you for your interest
  7. New in Package w/ instructions. see attached images. Rare and collectible. 922® compliant part. Stamped "US" $360 shipped in the US. First PM, or post with "I'll take it" gets it. payment via PayPal friends and family or USPS Money order
  8. Absolutely! At 40$! That's a steal! I got a tactical with (.720) restriction for my m4 Also a bright finish competition choke for a friend. Also (.720) He shoots more bird shot than me. On a lighter, longer Girsan MC 312. We both shoot slugs though. Competition is lightest. Hunter is thicker wall. Tactical is thicker wall with offset blades.
  9. Seems like a silly idea. Wasteful. Then I'm left with a long barrel that don't work. I'd rather have the spare bird barrel. What spares you need.. why? If you think it's a design weakness, get us some Ti pistons made.
  10. Thanks for saving my money.. I'll spend it on something else. You should direct them here to help crush their heart a little bit. Maybe refine their product to a level worth purchasing.
  11. Looking for the Supernova/Nova extension. New or used is fine. Preferably new. Part Number 80201 Thanks!
  12. I don't like it, Strike There are too many holes and you are not listening to the community or understanding the original design.. Thats why I chose Ava, Scalarworks, CarrierComp and endorse them 110%. It looks a gaudy mess. Keep it smooth, low-profile and modern. Try to keep the multiples of the receiver lines. You shouldn't need set screws, or all that rice. If we cry about the gas, keep it off my sissy hands! Shoot it up through the barrel guard in the one like Scout showed you with the bottom closerd off and shaped like the original. Start over. Scrap that as a prototype and implement features We like. This is not a Honda Civic (AR) or a helicopter, and Unobtanium is Not stupid. At all. Perhaps your computer and aluminum is all you have to work with, and a thick wall cage is the best/all you can do with that material, vs. thin wall polymers; while keeping the weight reasonable. "Strike Industries is committed to ensuring top level products and customer service. We strive to continuously bring innovative solutions to the small arms business. Our products are designed by active shooters for the active shooter in mind and we design and manufacture with these ideals in mind." Think! Don't just make what you want.
  13. Hey Jolly, Thanks again for the help, and illustrations provided. I'll be sure to send you a free production sample or two. If/when I get there. Anyone out there willing to donate information/ideas/CAD work will also get one..
  14. Or maybe you expect their distributors to have a standard to uphold. If I owned Benelli/Beretta, and there was some ass clown selling my product in that condition, his contract would sharply be revoked. but.... Benelli has atrocious customer support.. They don't even interact with the community.. EVER. Up there with HK and Sig. First and Last Benelli/Beretta ever ..
  15. That's a deal, isn't that an AK stock? We can sell whatever here..?
  16. Removal is simple. Rotate to the hardest spring pressure. And pull out. A lot overlooked on these examples..
  17. In case I never get around to it, please notice the tri-lug detent is Check shaped, not a simple U, making it more difficult to accidentally remove.. im guessing the cut was made from the back, or simply not perpendicular. Look at it closely
  18. 260 vs 180 gn OEM almost 1/4 wall thickness on the handle. Incredibly underengineed Hey man, don't mess up the finish on your receiver. It goes in too far if you lean the gun on it or close it in a snug case.. kinda forcing my hand on the NP3 coating
  19. You want it,? You can have it for $20, obo, PM me
  20. Don't Really don't. It spins, it detents less than a stock knob, it weighs by FAR more, it damages the receiver, the knurling is a JOKE, it bends/work hardens against the bolt, it really isn't much larger diameter... Just dont. Look around for something better or kick people like me in the ass to do it right.
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