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  1. So those are just plugs. 5x6$ for tiny plastic plugs.... ok that option doesn't fly with me.. what else we got.
  2. I remember seeing this here a while ago, anyone have or reccomend a good screw set to plug these holes while running around naked? For the Birds. There was 2 close sizes, one messes threads up, one works great.
  3. Tell them no one here Cares, les
  4. Hey these are 26~$ on most places. Anyone have a spare, alternative recommendation on a solution to this? Just would like to keep the clip in when changing tubes, feel cross about spending that much on that insignificant thing
  5. Steve, you know you can jam a M4 bolt and barrel in a 312 girsan and cycle it. Granted the recoil spring is a bit soft... what's your ideas?
  6. They chose to live there. Happens every year. Can't feel sorry. Sounds like Job security. Glad Mother Nature allows you the opportunity to feel important. Bless bless lalalalalala!!
  7. Please voice your opinions and improvements to their email at [email protected] 612-231-1774 Otherwise small companies like this have a difficult time understanding the market. Thanks!
  8. Eh, cop out. Hunt with an M4 Entry. =D I didn't like the bulk or trigger guard. Keep kicked like mule and kept biting my finger for some reason. Almost halfway to an M2 or Vepr! Oh and shoot me a message anytime you'd like to talk, I misplaced your number,
  9. Toaster

    Barrel Porting

    Glue in the front of the back of the rear rods Ugly Can't see them during day
  10. Toaster

    Barrel Porting

    I don't like the glue on the Meprolight or how they are hard to see during light.
  11. Toaster

    Barrel Porting

    VEPR? I'm in the market to get one if somebody has some leads Just having fun ricing my M4, TBH
  12. Toaster

    Barrel Porting

    Well I figure on the 18 inch barrel it's not tactical at all so might as well make it tacticool. Brakes look cool, but not on a shotgun. I don't really care about noise and flash. Sounds cool. Adds excitement. So I'd need a non choked barrel eh? Bummer Maybe I'll go the other way and look into suppressing it.
  13. Toaster

    Barrel Porting

    Hello, how come I haven't seen many ported 18.5 M4s? Any recommendation? Thanks!
  14. Yeah I'll see you there, Messaged a&s As with everything. I recommend you message them with the same concern, if the opinion is shared. "At this time we only offer the one finish. Black is a possibility later as we catch up with orders and get all the diff models to market. Raw is not possible as the parts are machined for the dimensional changes in hard anodize." "Hmm I see. While I'm not sure why that color was chosen in the first place, I'll look into blasting and re coating, or simply holding off on the purchase,.. although they might be out of production next wee
  15. So now I gotta buy this too now. .. Damn you unobtanium!! I still have the hammer in bag. Can't put it in yet. Too much a collectors item. I just finished installing my metal trigger guard. I noticed a little bit of side to side play. Still better than the plastic unit IMO. Still waiting on a Proper charging handle. Any with the correct peg?
  16. Right..? I wasn't gonna be that guy.. but. Haha
  17. It's not a bother it's a notice of interest. If anyone needs to know, it's them. Send a message. Most people can't even do the simplest thing, and that's a great start. I'm sure it will have some effect. Even on a glacier. They're melting, I heard
  18. You won't. You're gonna wanna make one what about ghost loading..? how permanent. Everything is reversible with enough effort. I gave you quite a "permenant" way.
  19. Spot weld, or otherwise block the oem magazine tube. You could slip a tube down the ID of it and tack weld it from the outside to hold the spring/follower closer. Probably wanna chop the spring maybe. Not sure "how" permenant you need. You could then pin this too the receiver if they're being cocks about it. Although I wouldn't do a lick more than they absolutely requested.....
  20. I have a hard time with 4 pockets.. You in the service I take it? Not sure how you get those shells out easily. Id probably just dump most of that in a backpack loose. I'm not like you though in the organized way. I build my own flashlights and lasers. I have some lint. Matches and lighters in sealed units. Been em looking into armor. Mostly what I can't get through with my .308. I feel like that may be the new standard for 2 legged predators. Or 5.7. Or tokarev or 10, or even hot 9, steel core. Seems very little is good enough to bear the weight. Looking at steel pla
  21. Marcie is a Gem.. hahah, I agree though. Hope we can see their charging handles come back! Keep it up!
  22. Comes with a Gangster Thug Font #Mexi
  23. They probably had a bunch of those tubes leftover at the factory and had to find a way to put them to use. Hahaha Whats funny is that my field stock came with a 3-pos. I wonder if they are neutering all the tubes here on out. A little laser etched flag still ain't worth it to me. Just get a field stock model and trick it out how you want. Unless you need the flag
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