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  1. Toaster

    Benelli M4 Forend

    Hard to beat the Scarworks/Ava setup...
  2. Toaster

    New SBE III

    Heavy Target Load Estate is usually cheap and works. Or Winchester xx or whatever. 6-7$ a box heavy target load. Don't spend too much That will Almost always cycle my M4, even hanging it upside down sideways over my head "throwing" the gun... ...... ..
  3. Ask yourself. What gun since ever has been stored or kept with the bolt held open? Have you noticed the importance of having the bolt closed in a dirty/combat environment. Name me a spring that will hold tension longer compressed, than loose..? 99.9999 % of the time you should have the bolt foward, magazine empty, hammer/trigger decocked for maximum preservation.
  4. Toaster

    new m1014 release

    "Fixed Position Skeletonized Stock" Oh no..
  5. I'll take the hammer if it is still available.
  6. ...? Should I start posting car parts here too??
  7. You left Caps Lock on.. I'm a little confused why people are ripping each other's arm off for that field stock. I can go out and buy it new for less.. Just kinda.. ??? Hang onto it if it means that much to you. Anyway.. Looks like someone made some upgrades. Ahaha
  8. @1. Couldn't a slot be cut to retain the ring with a T-slot cutter, or for the home DIY, a Dremel and a cut off wheel? Into the titanium ID Doesn't need to be deep at all. Seems like an oversight in manufacturing.
  9. I went to buy the new mount, but now I'm finding myself having to save up for the RMR bundle. That's a great deal! If only they NiB coated the RM06... I suppose black will look better on other guns... As if I'd ever take it off. Haha Will order soon!
  10. Hmm. I wonder what would happen if I called and asked for higher up.
  11. Doesn't that comprimise the water resistance? If a pin gets corroded, it could comprimise the action. Do you know of a company that will refinish small pins? If not NP3, possibly TiN or something
  12. What Charging handle and Safety is that Stev? The Scalarworks/Ava/CarrierComp is a great set up Wonderful products
  13. Briley does the triggers for benelli??? With that in mind, I'm not looking back at the FFT! Thanks!
  14. That's cool you got one, but what do you have to say about the product at first glance?
  15. Never got the appeal of company in a theater.. No talking dark and loud in scuzzy chairs breathing the same air as the guy in front of you. Seems like a health and safety risk to me. But then again I'm not very fond of crowded or populated areas either. I think the last movie I saw in theaters was Inception. Usually gotta be dragged along and I have to be a little interested. ill probably watch it one way or another. Hopefully it's not full of cheese and believable most of the way through.
  16. Isn't that a qualm in itself that you didn't get what you want. Their product wasted your time and money. People are too nice nowadays. Customer is always right. Why do we see such role reversals nowadays? Women trying to be men, customers giving support to sellers..? SMH What happened to the good old days where companies that made bad products got represented as such. I suppose I should thank you for getting me to save my money. I'll give it to Scalarworks instead, How about a product that works this time. And throw in one of your spring kits for the problems I encountered. (Is that just more stuff to buy or what's the story)That's how a company used to develop a business and a good reputation. That's the morals I grew up on.
  17. Yeah I'll admit. I'm an car guy, and like to trick things out and improve where I can. If if it ain't broke, fix it till it is! I have plans on sending the thing to Robar once it's all done. I would've bought an H2O but couldn't find one. So I figured I'd send it in after, similar to Strangers "H2O Extreme". Actually picked that up per his recommendation. No biggie. The damage happened in the case. Bolt foward. Compressed. The original bolt handle is significantly harder to compress or remove. The CC tubes ars coming I hear, the Ava mount looks great. Collapsible stock. Scalarworks optic mount. Plenty of R&D, willing to share and prove.
  18. A small or few amount of complaints can be one of the most misleading things a seller can interpret. For every 100 problems. Maybe 1 might speak about it. Often to get blown off as the only on to have the complaint despite many having the issue. The sellers not awknowledging this fact, or blowing off the customer only makes it worse and loses them business. I'll take my business somewhere else, or stay stock if they can't support their product. Quick to charge, slow to stand behind it. When I don't get support or get screwed, I don't stay quiet about it. I'm willing to be disliked to spread truth about something. I find myself often the first or only to respond despite numerous people having the issue. After pondering it, I've decided to leave the FFT trigger out of the mix due to my poor view of the company, and product. If someone's really gonna start ripping my gun apart to prove, well I'm gonna have a lot more to worry about than that. And anyway. They couldn't prove they weren't made in the US, and there's plenty of other compliant parts if you are really interested getting bent over to help yourself sleep at night. My 0.02
  19. I removed it from my m4 as soon as I noticed. The gun is worth more than this handle. I'm quite upset. It felt nice the few times I used it. This could have been solved with a recess at the base of the handle. It also doesn't have the 3 rotation stop points. Shows me how little R&D they actually put into things. Lots of shortcuts. Shame.
  20. I couldn't agree more. I only hope more understand. Let them sit and do nothing as long as they can. Any sort of contact will give them things to do and more legislature to pass without public consent for decades, possibly forever. I'm still partially at a loss why none of it has been given even thought of amending. Or challenging ANY of it. I hear a supressor act might be in the works but heard nothing about MGs or other LEGAL nfa items. If anything. Rather than clarifying their rules. Work on pushing back. A conversation for a whole other thread. Sorry for jacking. Hope some of your worries are put to rest. "The nail that sticks up, gets hammered down"
  21. I've never been sure why so many gun enthusiasts are so eager to kick the bees nest. Reminds me of the "company" people down where I work. I agree with the above post about white flagging. Some people are scared their shadow might get them in trouble out of blind ignorance. It comes up almost to an annoying extent in the gun building forums. Or laser or car building as well. I know the laws. Please don't tell me to do such and such. I will chose to follow them as I see required. If I get in trouble then it is my fault! Criminals wouldn't heed your warnings or even be interested in the topics anyway. They are mostly harassment laws by the towards the gun enthusiasts out of spite, fear, or a combination of the ATF. And control but that's another story. It's much too much work for the criminal level people to get mixed with acedemics such as us. Maybe once in a while a crazed lunatic, but outliers always exist. Made for truncating!! Yes sometimes a thug gets ahold of a Mac or something but that's unavoidable. Let me take care of myself ya damn liberals! These are conservative hobbies anyway. 25 mph doesn't mean I'll do 25 at 3am coming home from work. But 3pm after public school. Sure. Completely understand. The law will never tell you to go 50 at 3am because then those school kids would get ran over left and right. I doubt anyone will ever say anything about trying to rat you out, or even know the species that apply to you. If any noise did arise, I would quickly and quietly remove yourself from the situation as discreetly as possible. I've found discussions among adamant law followers to become heated quite rapidly. Almost none are lawyers and are under their own impression of the law, which if we all understood, lawyers and judges wouldn't exist. Unless you're at a stiff range owned by some old faggot with an airplane, which I'd avoid anyway, odds are you'll be fine. Even if you're "caught" it doesn't mean your guilty or even charged. Take care of yourself, and Goodluck
  22. Can you shed a little more light where I could find that metal trigger guard?
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