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  1. Does anyone know if the M2 and M4 Entry use the 2 round extension as standard parts? Where can I purchase the magazine extensions? Thanks.
  2. Does anyone know the UPC/model number of the M4 14" barrel, not the whole gun, just the barrel itself? Thanks.
  3. I could never find the M2 3 gun. I am surprised there are two for sale.
  4. Hey truckcop, is that the M2 3gun at the bottom or a modified M2?
  5. It's cool even without the front sights.
  6. corbon

    14" m4

    I guess I'll wait. Thanks for having it available.
  7. corbon

    Shot Show

    When is SHOT? I wish I could go.
  8. Would you like to elaborate on the differences between the two?
  9. heckler&kochp2000, how much is shipping to 39560? Thanks.
  10. Are choke tube wrenches universal if you have the correct gauge? Would I be able to use the same wrench on my Benelli's and Remington's? Thanks.
  11. Verified, I received my rebate today. I only made a copy of the UPC and didn't have to cut it from the box.
  12. Hooray! Even though I don't live in one of those "states," I'm glad that the citizens there might have their gun rights back.
  13. Even though I wasn't one of the lucky one's to obtain the C-Stock, I did get my other item for an insane deal. I didn't think Botach Tactical was going to come through, but they did.
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