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Everything posted by corbon

  1. Does anyone know if the M2 and M4 Entry use the 2 round extension as standard parts? Where can I purchase the magazine extensions? Thanks.
  2. Does anyone know the UPC/model number of the M4 14" barrel, not the whole gun, just the barrel itself? Thanks.
  3. I could never find the M2 3 gun. I am surprised there are two for sale.
  4. Hey truckcop, is that the M2 3gun at the bottom or a modified M2?
  5. It's cool even without the front sights.
  6. corbon

    14" m4

    I guess I'll wait. Thanks for having it available.
  7. corbon

    Shot Show

    When is SHOT? I wish I could go.
  8. Would you like to elaborate on the differences between the two?
  9. heckler&kochp2000, how much is shipping to 39560? Thanks.
  10. Are choke tube wrenches universal if you have the correct gauge? Would I be able to use the same wrench on my Benelli's and Remington's? Thanks.
  11. Verified, I received my rebate today. I only made a copy of the UPC and didn't have to cut it from the box.
  12. Hooray! Even though I don't live in one of those "states," I'm glad that the citizens there might have their gun rights back.
  13. Even though I wasn't one of the lucky one's to obtain the C-Stock, I did get my other item for an insane deal. I didn't think Botach Tactical was going to come through, but they did.
  14. corbon

    Pics of SBS

    Fantastic guns and pets, Super Dak©!
  15. corbon

    Pics of SBS

    I'm thinking of applying for my SBS license. Does anyone have pics of SBS, other brands besides Benelli would be OK too?
  16. corbon

    My M4

    Nice setup! Simple and to the point!
  17. I called CS, and the gal told me a copy is acceptable. I looked closely at the rebate and it said "UPC code from the shotgun box." I'm assuming they want the actual UPC code instead of a copy like tucker301 said.
  18. They called me this morning too about none in stock.
  19. On the cash rebates offer, does Benelli want the actual UPC from the box or can a copy of the UPC suffice? Thanks.
  20. I guess Botach is definitely out of the stocks, since it isn't even on their website any longer.
  21. Does anyone have a pic of the the extension installed?
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