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  1. the link at the start of this thread now only gives an error hopefully that doesn't mean that this forend has been scrapped.
  2. I talked to Briley today to pay for my barrel threading and I asked about the forend and they said its not ready and to just keep checking.
  3. I've never had any issue ghost loading my M4. I'm not saying I've done it 10000 times but still no issue for me.
  4. Thanks I appreciate the info. Briley has my entry barrel for threading so I'll talk to them next week most likely and see if there is an update.
  5. Anyone have a guess when this will be available?
  6. That looks good. Also thats a fair point on the hayl with set screws. I have time to wait for the briley since I'm waiting on the nfa and they just cashed my check for my entry m4.
  7. Have you handled the hayl rail if so why is it junk?
  8. jimbo45

    M4 home safety

    It should hold 5 are you using rio or somerhing like that. As far as sagety goes I never had an issue with having one in the chamber and safety on with seven in the tube and one ghost loaded.
  9. I would think laser engraving would be ok but I would think it would need some refinishing.
  10. I think $350 is about as much as its worth. $579 is ridiculous for something with an msrp of $230. I've talked to a couple of people wanting $500 and I have gladly passed. Going to try one of the hayl rails for a very reasonable $129. I have an M80 and I'm pretty sure I paid $180 shipped.
  11. jimbo45

    WTB Surefire M80

    Anyone have one under $500?
  12. ethos is a good looking gun. I fired one but only a few shots and it was nice.
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