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  1. I had the surefire and it's not very good and definitely not worth what they are selling for. The Hayl rail is ok if skip the set screw nonsense. Like I said I want get a couple of the Agency rails personally.
  2. Wouldn't hurt to go through and wipe off and then reapply oil.
  3. Very nice I like agency's work and have a couple full glock builds done by them. I'm waiting for their handguard to be in stock so I can order a couple.
  4. Not sure why you went through and down voted random posts of mine. I down voted yours because I disagreed with what you had posted not some form of retaliation.

    1. MrMilitaryPolice


      i disagreed with you disagreeing. thats how it goes sometimes. the likes, community reps, down votes are useless anyways

  5. Stick with the battery run rmr especially the auto adjust ones. As stated above the dual illuminated rmr is fine in full sun or full shade but if you try to shoot from shade to full sun you won't be happy.
  6. New spring and buffer will likely fix your issues
  7. Start with the recoil spring would be my thought
  8. Haven't seen that before it's pretty funny.
  9. I agree completely that if it were on the outside I wouldn't even have accepted it from the dealer. That plus the jacked up front sight should mean they fix it or replace it.
  10. Are you referring to the marks in the second pic? I'd think if the gun functions that those marks would be irrelevant since you'd only see them when you disassemble. Personally I wouldn't care as long as it worked but it's your time and money.
  11. I have 6 or 7 of them none on the m4 though. They are good sights but stick with the red the battery life on the green is crappy and it's more yellow than green anyways.
  12. You might want to give the hayl rail another shot but don't use the set screws just use some black rtv and it stays nice and snug.
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