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  1. The hi viz sights for the benelli are useless. Didn't know that XS was making sights for it though I'll have to check that out.
  2. I shoot 1 1/8 oz at 1145fps out of mine with no issues
  3. Expensive things are generally made of expensive parts. Guns especially seem to add up in cost when you start changing or adding things
  4. I bought one when they first came out and there isnt anything wrong with it except where it fell off of the golf cart on the gravel road at speed
  5. They are coming in. The problem is people are snapping them up.
  6. I generally just bore snake mine and will clean it around 500 rounds or so. I do use the charging handle to remove the pistons it works just fine. I'd imagine that cleaning isnt really necessary until you hit a 1000 rounds or more.
  7. Try using a wooden dowel or something similar to push them out that should work.
  8. jimbo45

    ATI Raven Package

    Yeah skip that ATI stock and try to avoid paying $900 for c-stock like I saw on gunbroker recently
  9. For the good of us we better that biden doesnt win. Ammo and gun prices/shortages will be the least of our worries if that idiot wins. They will try to enact bans first thing. Its sad really.
  10. Exactly and now is about the worst time to be trying to stockpile ammo. You'd think people would've learned after sandy hook of course a lot of them are first time gun buyers
  11. Ive got 500 or so rounds through my m4 entry with the salvo attached and have had no issues.
  12. Thats correct the issue is that the left is very much anti 2a and will certainly try to restrict our rights based on there desire for us to be powerless not as they say in interest of public safety. 2225 for a mossberg 590 is worse than m4 h20 price. I have no idea why anyone would pay that.
  13. I just saw that. 6k for an m4 is nuts. I went to a couple of gun shops this past weekend and they were packed but I didnt realize things had gone this far. It will likely only get worse as we get closer to the election.
  14. I saw that auction too and its crazy
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