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  1. First time out with my then new sbe 3 at the clays range it fell off the golf cart at full speed onto the sharp gravel road and got some nice deep gouges. Nothing to be done and it still works fine so it doesnt really matter.
  2. Yeah there's nothing to over tighten it should just slip into the receiver. Is there any build up on the barrel extension or inside the receiver?
  3. Looks ok. Haven't had any trouble with my FFT handles but was thinking about switching back to the stock handle so this might be a good option.
  4. The scalarworks mounts seems to be the go to and I they're only $100 or $150.
  5. Ive got a couple m4's and the price wasnt enough to be any real concern. Quality is worth the cost. Most people who complain that something isnt worth the cost do so because they cant afford.
  6. I had my m4 entry threaded for chokes by briley so its the same pattern as my full size m4 not rem chokes. I did it because I wanted to be able mount my salvo. I think it was a $150 and I have absolutley no regrets.
  7. I think someone on here has compared all of the weights for the available handguards probably stranger danger.
  8. Probably the factory handguard.
  9. Well that pretty damn crafty right there. Nice work
  10. Good to know might have to give one of those a try.
  11. I agree definitely better than the M80 but I'd fine switching to something else. I'm hoping someone actually gets one of the agency forends soon.
  12. Thanks for the info. I also have a couple of Agency pistols and they are top notch I'm more interested in how the forearm is removed and replaced.
  13. So has anyone picked one of these up yet or handled one in person?
  14. Nice. Ive looked at those a few times and it seems to a pretty good company.
  15. I routinely shoot 1145 through both of my m4's. You'll probably fine with what you got.
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