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  1. I can confirm that the federal loads functioned perfectly I'm entry with the salvo I put a short video of it on YouTube.
  2. That's pretty crappy. Hopefully the others that responded will appreciate this info.
  3. Just checked and my box has a 11727 sticker under the 11724
  4. I'll the box for my entry later and let you know. Mine came assembled I believe.
  5. Perfectly legal but it does sound pretty shady.
  6. I have not but might be trying some soon and I'll be able to let you know
  7. Ok I'll check out midway thanks
  8. Where did you get the handguard from? I haven't seen any available anywhere.
  9. Nice. I'll probably pickup an 1895 dark once my griffin bushwhacker is approved.
  10. Definitely the padded vickers sling.
  11. I dont think I've ever had a malfunction that wasnt directly related to ammo in either of my m4's.
  12. jimbo45

    Some R&D

    That could be very interesting
  13. I have the fft tube but if I was going to do it again I'd go with the carrier comp.
  14. jimbo45


    Rmr is the way to go. If its just a toy gun then the sro is fine.
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