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  1. Just want to be clear what you mean. Is sliding the shells into the mag tube difficult or does the carrier bite you or is it something else?
  2. Looks good I wanted an sbe 2 in but never got one.
  3. jimbo45

    Rmr vs t2 for m4

    That is a very good point. I have rmr's on some pistols but don't dig them for a long gun.
  4. jimbo45

    Rmr vs t2 for m4

    All good choices probably the t2 would be my top pick though.
  5. I think the m4 works fine for clays personally and also that people don't give a chance or give you the stink because it doesn't look like a clays gun the term for that is fudds. If are just going for fun and not competing at the highest levels it would be fun. I shoot about the same with whatever Im using which is why I went with the wingmaster because to me it's more fun.
  6. Beretta is the parent company.
  7. I've shot my m4 a bunch at clays. I like my sbs with the salvo for clays.
  8. 870 wingmaster after I had a performance shop supersport. The pump is more fun for me plus I got one of the 200th anniversary guns and its pretty sharp looking. If you have around $10k the Beretta DT11 is hard to beat for an over under.
  9. Yeah I've seen those and the stocks just look bad to me. Maybe its really comfortable though.
  10. Bfg padded vickers sling.
  11. Man something about that stock just bothers me.
  12. jimbo45

    M4 C Stock

    That makes sense then. I'm guessing they designed it that way for body armor.
  13. jimbo45

    M4 C Stock

    Just curious if you had the stock fully extended or at the midway point.
  14. Mine was pretty tight also. You could tap it with a soft mallet or something like that and it should help or have some one hang on to the stock while you pull the barrel. Once you do it a couple time it gets easier. I'm guessing yours is one of the camo ones like mine. You are removing the charger handle correct?
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