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  1. Well it looks nice and feels pretty good in the hand but I think I might to agree that a nice set of stippled oem handguards or the strike rail without the screws is the way to go.
  2. Hi yes it's still for sale. Pm me if you have questions or want it.
  3. A bump before gunbroker. Thanks for looking.
  4. No classifelied section it's in a thread I started a few days ago. Thanks D'zaster for linking to it.
  5. I have a super sport performance shop for sale right now I'm just saying.
  6. How about a supersport performance shop? Friend had an ethos that was pretty nice as well.
  7. I like sbs m4 and would really like a 14" pump as well.
  8. How about $1900 plus shipping.
  9. I agree if I had more use for it I wouldn't let it go.
  10. Hello I figured I would put this out here on the Benelli before going to gunbroker. I'm selling my Supersport Performance Shop that has around 400 shells through it I just don't get to shoot clays like I was before I moved. Great gun with a little bit of wear on the buttpad and underside of the stock. I'm going to ask $2,000 plus maybe $50 for shipping via Zelle or Paypal friends. This has the original hard case and Briley/Benelli(5) chokes that came with it. It will have to ship to an FFL unless you are within a couple of my location in Waycross, GA. Let me know if you have any questions or a
  11. How is the m4 not good for hunting when other guns with the same features like a pistol grip(ar's) are great for hunting? I agree the forcing cone lengthening would be just as beneficial on the m4 as on any other shotgun.
  12. Is this from that Turkish clone that everyone was saying was pretty good? Something that cost a fraction of the original is almost always a disappointment.
  13. You know remarks like the government's going to be coming to your place first really don't help anybody and I've never heard of someone who actually had the ATF come to their house to look at their NFA stuff. I agree the NFA is unconstitutional but by the logic in that post you would need to buy suppressors and sbr's illegally to tell the government you don't approve. Everybody is free to make their own choice though so as long as your happy with yours that's all that matters.
  14. Buy the entry it isn't just a status symbol and don't let that bs about the atf coming to your house scare you its nonsense. I waited to start buying nfa stuff because I was told that same thing turns out it's a bunch of bull crap I have 20 plus stamps and no intention of stopping.
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