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  1. you know what saying he needs to learn? its "if you run into a**holes all day then chances are you're the a**hole."
  2. You know I have to say I wouldn't be sad if he was gone. Especially since he went and randomly downvoted a bunch of my posts and the attitude didn't seem to be in keeping with the helpful tone of this forum.
  3. bolt release and forend are definitely agency arms and probably so is the charging handle. I emailed them a while back about the bolt release and forend but they said it was shot show special they did if I remember correctly.
  4. jimbo45

    Shabby M2 build

    Even better then. Good looks and function.
  5. jimbo45

    New Optic

    french door for the win.
  6. kinda off the topic but how do you like the jp silent buffers? I just got my dd isr approved and the buffer is pretty loud.
  7. jimbo45

    Shabby M2 build

    looks pretty good. hopefully that carbon fiber isn't as slick as whats on the super sports or else it will be all over the place in the rain.
  8. Here is a pic of mine with the sling just threaded into the stock and forward attachment point.
  9. Blue force gear makes the best slings hands down. I dont use a qd for my sling as the sling stays on the shotgun. Ill post a pic tomorrow.
  10. I just sold mine on gunbroker and it had 6 watchers. There is definitely interest in these.
  11. to post on the topic about your rail I like it as well and own too. It looks good to me.
  12. not much to see since its a black foregrip with black rtv but here you go.
  13. What does? The Salvo?
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