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  1. Definitely points to consider
  2. I was referencing the 5 shot titanium tube for the short barreled m4. I have a full length titanium tube on my standard m4 and its definitely the way to go. Thanks
  3. Thats about what I figured. Thanks
  4. You know that doesnt look too bad.
  5. Just wondering if anyone has any experience with the entry model and carriercomp's mag tube? Not sure if I want to bother getting one or not. Thanks
  6. jimbo45

    Real H2O on G.B.

    Wow thats ridiculous.
  7. Im not so sure I like that. Maybe it will grow on me.
  8. . Well that is pretty clear. I personally never had an issue with slugs and the modified choke but I suppose thats a choice for the individual.
  9. My vote is for rmr type 2 as well. Ive got a half a dozen of them and have no issues with the sun. Mine are all the adjustable led's.
  10. I agree with the above but for two exceptions. You'll probaly only need 50 to 100 rounds of the higher velocity ammo before you can shoot lower velocity ammo reliably depends on the gun though. The second thing is you can shoot slugs through a modified choke.
  11. Both of mine shoot 1145fps clay loads just fine. I did break them both in with buck and high brass loads.
  12. jimbo45

    Surefire m80

    Nice and yeah I started my auction for mine at 500 I think with the buy now higher and it went pretty quick. That would probably sell pretty quick
  13. Like the title says I'd like an opinion on which one people prefer preferably from people who have handled one or both. Thanks very much
  14. Well I did not know that I'll have to look into it. Thanks
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