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  1. jimbo45

    WTB Surefire M80

    Anyone have one under $500?
  2. ethos is a good looking gun. I fired one but only a few shots and it was nice.
  3. pretty sure you'll be happy with it. After mine came into my local shop my dealer sold 3 or 4 after taking pics of mine and feeling it.
  4. The second seems like it must be improved cylinder based on the marking. Weird there are no notches though. Also the montefeltro does take crio chokes just like the sbe. You can see this on the benelli website.
  5. jimbo45

    WTB Surefire M80

    Hi I just bought another M4, finally the entry model 11724, and would like to get another surefire forend. So if you have one and want to get rid of it let me know. Thanks
  6. I've always found the rio shells to be a bit longer than they should be.
  7. I bought one of these in feb and like it alot. I didn't need to change anything on mine.
  8. I have a standard pistol grip stock I could part with if you haven't already found one.
  9. jimbo45

    New SBE III

    Thanks for the help I see what I find.
  10. jimbo45

    New SBE III

    This may have been covered but I paid for a new SBE III and was going to take it to the local clays range. My question is what shells should I buy for that? I'm guessing not light target loads but would would 1 1/8 of 6's or 7's at 1200 fps cycle reliably? Never shot clays so I appreciate any help. Thanks
  11. I have one of the tactical wall mirrors and its perfect. I just leave it open when I'm home and slide it shut when I'm gone. They are a little pricey though but I thought it was worth it and still do.
  12. a camo dip should take care of that but so should cerakote.
  13. I have taken mine no luck getting a turkey with it yet. I have an indian creek choke for it and I use a vickers padded sling and I patterned it with the hevi shot magnum blend 3" shells. Not sure if I'm allowed to post a link to the choke tube website or not but I can pm it to you if you'd like. I'm getting a SBE 3 to use for turkey and probably some duck hunting when the optifade camo one comes out in May. I like the weight savings plus the ability to use 3.5" shells if needed.
  14. m4 with federal le132 and remington low recoil slugs work just fine for me. also hevi shot 3" magnum blend for turkey hunting with an indian creek choke.
  15. yeah I thought I might get some activity by posting here since it shows up on the main page. but apparently not.
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