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  1. jimbo45

    Benelli M4 - Sling?

    blue force gear padded slings for me I have a half dozen of them and they are great. Plus like someone else said slings are great for weapon retention it really prohibits anyone from snatching your gun from you plus what if you need a hand free. As far as three point slings and one point slings go avoid them at all cost. A one point sling might be ok if you are standing still but beyond that its all bad and good luck getting into a three point in any type of stressful situation.
  2. cerakote should add a layer of protection but if you prefer the black just get that since its not like it will see a harsh environment in your house.
  3. Did you contact Benelli? If not you should they'll probably send you the screw at no charge they did for me when I lost the pic rail screws from my m4.
  4. I definitely agree that you have to ignore the sights of the m4. If you try to use them while shooting you probably wont do very well. I do use them to confirm that when I bring them its coming up and in line. This is prior to actually thrownig the clays. Ive only shot sporting clays so not sure about the other disciplines.
  5. I prefer to shoot with both eyes open and on the target and I generally hit 39 to 42 out 50. Doesnt seem to matter what gun I use I have a perf shop super, an 870 police with 18" barrel and rifle sights or the m4 with the 8" salvo on it.
  6. I had a big bruise on middle finger from my 870 police but it was my fault as I had a loose/weird grip when the shot broke. If you hold loosely or choke up on the grip too much it can happen.
  7. Thanks I'll see about picking one of these up.
  8. Thanks maybe Ill order one of these. Are they prefit or do you have to grind them?
  9. Kind off topic but is it that much better than the factory pad?
  10. Thats even worse since was high at $90.
  11. I saw that and was kind of surprised as I think these were only $90 when they were making them. I could maybe see a few hundred but man you could buy another m4 for that money.
  12. Does anyone know if one of the wood stock sets from another Benelli model will fit my super sport II? I appreciate any help I can get on this.
  13. It should my sbe 3 works with everything ive put in it
  14. jimbo45

    WTS Surefire M80

    Selling my Surefire M80 and based on the last one that sold at $550 plus shipping I'll let mine go for $525 shipped and insured. I figured I'd post it here before I listed it on gunbroker. Thanks and let me know if you have any questions.
  15. The M4 would have less recoil I assume and it will do all of the things that listed pretty well. The M2 is inertia driven so that means less parts on the gun, less cleaning and it should be a little lighter in weight but with a little more recoil. I say start with an M4 then get an M2 later if you want one.
  16. I have one that I'll sell but its used. I have the box that it came in. PM me if interested.
  17. I shoot mine with a modified choke with my salvo in the 8" configuration and I hit somewhere around 75% also using 7.5 shot. Which is about the same as do with anything I shoot.
  18. I was just wondering this same thing pretty much everything I saw said it should be fine. By the way I like my m4 for shooting clays and turkey hunting. You should give it a try and dont let fudds say its only good for one thing.
  19. thats odd I've had a half dozen benelli's now and had no issues with any of them. Have you considered sending it in? My brother has a super vinci and it runs fine.
  20. Normally I would say just do both but since you dont like the feel of the new ones I would say definitely dont go that way and just get a new barrel.
  21. jimbo45

    M2 and Salvo

    congrats I also just got my salvo thankfully and weirdly it only took 4 months. Here's mine on my M4 its runs great but the 12" configuration is a bit much for clays though it is quiet.
  22. you know what saying he needs to learn? its "if you run into a**holes all day then chances are you're the a**hole."
  23. You know I have to say I wouldn't be sad if he was gone. Especially since he went and randomly downvoted a bunch of my posts and the attitude didn't seem to be in keeping with the helpful tone of this forum.
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