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  1. Guys, I recently sold my my M4 and have some parts that I would like to sell. Scalarworks SYNC RMR mount- perfect condition $95 shipped Freedomfighter tactical handguards (black) $50 shipped I also have the original red follower, mag tube and choke tool...feel free to make an offer on any of that stuff. Thanks
  2. Guys, i just installed my FFT mag tube and 922r parts and I have a few questions: 1) Is the spring retainer clip supposed to just sit in the tube and use tension to keep it in place or does it "snap" into place somewhere? 2) Do I need a different spring for the lengthened tube or can I use the same spring that came with the stock setup?
  3. I want to be able to mount my RMR as close to the rear sight as possible, that's what interested me about the original design. This new design has me wondering where it seats the optic.
  4. Do you have some pics of it mounted on an M4 that you could share?
  5. I have tried to read through this thread....so the original mount is being replaced with the Sync mount? Can you still get the original? Why was it redesigned?
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