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  1. Hello everyone, Been doing research, feeling out different shops. Some seems more cautious about ITAR than others, some want nothing to do with it being a gun part. About to start obscuring the truth and tell them its camping our out-door gear.... morons.... I might go turn one on my buddies lathe/mill and call it a wrap. Been fooling with this TTI handle.. It is truly horrible. In every way.. I just started to notice the galling from the bolt/handle interface on the TTI handle, presumably from the weight/material difference. Funny enough, it is in a circular pattern as the knob rotates.. At least it is fatiguing evenly!!.. SMH... Still on the table,...
  2. Cool!.. Handles.... It's like someone reads these threads or something...
  3. ...."allowed"..... ...being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed..... Oh.. the constitution doesn't apply there... .. or just that one..? Or only when they are watching.. or maybe to help you sleep at night...... just the "states of Merica" anymore I guess.. pride.. what pride...? Let me destroy my already neutered weapon for you... /sarcasm See enough people acting like the OP is reason these laws are signed in, passed, and never repealed. ... SMH Free or the brave..
  4. You think you would, but they are all mostly crap! Haha if I have 1000 of these spit out the back of a swiss mill, you better bet I thought about it for a long time. As mentioned, with a larger radius, rotation leverage is increased, which is why I expected at least a "little" stiffer removal. The zig/zag removal track may be too complicated.. The whole 2-piece thing is kinda throwing us for a loop, trying to keep manufacturing simple/cheap.. Anyone know the alloy, or rough harness of the bolt/original shaft? Might be trying to go with a lightweight all steel unit to keep costs down, as opposed to a 2 piece, Ti unit.
  5. Is A&S ever going to Man up and say where they got the dimensions from?? Or are they going to continue their ambiguity? Great way to make a weapon knowingly unsafe..
  6. Less and less major companies are interested in providing military, LE gear to the civilian side, and especially circumventing the obviously infringement of a regulation NFA is. (Look at HK and FN), luckily we have some, like Sig, rooting for us, but I would be surprised with how choked up Benelli and Beretta parts can sometimes be.... (Italy is a mess with 50% black market trade im sure biasing their support) Would I like to see it?! Sure, likely..? doubt it.. They cant even make the M4's right as it is..! Fixed stock, mag tubes, etc... Honestly a bit of a stupid company, and would never buy another benelli or Beretta unless it was purely off name, recognition, as the "M4" is. I also will never pay the 200$ tax stamp, but thats another story Ps why is everything posted as a wordwall today?
  7. Yep, been looking at the design more, We have been toying with the idea of a "zig-zag" removal, as opposed to the standard rotate and pull. But is likely too complicated The problem with this is it no longer allows the knob to rotate fully, if that was ever a requirement. Other options include simply making the detent ramp stronger..or just leaving it alone.. Either way, this one from Taran Tactical (TTI) looks worse and worse the longer I think about it.... If they can sell this piece of ****,(And keep a decent reputation), I will have no problem..
  8. Searches: "From my measurements, here is the production weight for the units; Benelli OEM: 12.5 Grams carriercomp 1/2" Titanium: 9.6 Grams Design Concepts: 8.5 Grams Freedom Fighter Tactical 1/2" Titanium: 10 Grams GG&G Steel 3/4": 24.5 Grams" - SD https://forums.benelliusa.com/archive/index.php/t-32086.html "We mimicked the factory (heat treated steel) tang for its advantages where extreme duty (yield strength before bending if dropped, etc) and abrasion resistance during and after utilization as a disassembly tool. Aspects not all users will ever need or require." In spite of its "wonderful accolades", titanium can never rival steel along solid core yield strength (bending of tang), deflection failure marks, or abrasion resistance (durometer). Titanium rivals steel (impervious to hydrogen imbrittlement at elevated temps, strength to weight ratios, corrosion resistance, etc), but where brute strength across the board is concerned, appropriately rendered "tool-steels" will prevail. The down side is one's strength narrowly overshadows the other's weakness... but not always. Reciprocal mass is less suspect in gas operated platforms, yet has been demonstrated as "culpable" by the introduction of bolt knobs which impede cyclic velocity (heavy). Having observed this indicated lighter was "better". Hence solid Ti charging handle made sense. Unfortunately casualties crept in; Bent knobs Disfigured tangs ....BOTH maladies seldom if ever encountered with the heat treated OEM charging handles. These charging handles will never ever separate or fail to operate as a homogeneous unit GUARANTEED. They are bonded with techniques and within parameters utilized by pioneers who preceded our "hybrid" approach. (Inductive/Thermal?) Failure won't occur. The mag tubes have been available in black since 2002. The charging handles will be available in PVD coated "Tactical-Black" -Kip https://forums.benelliusa.com/archive/index.php/t-25967.html http://photos.carriercomp.com/GalleryThumbnails.aspx?gallery=322243&ci=42240
  9. ..still havent bought one of these.. After seeing how far their head is up their ass, I dont really care how cool their product is. I dont need a 200$ advertisement on my gun that causes issues, doesn't match, and is ran by some arrogant pricks. Too many products are supported by bandwagoners and lemmings before they are properly tested and proven. I'll stick with my aluminum oem trigger guard.. sure, its a touch loose side to side. But it looks great, fits great, and theres no problems!. The mark on the bottom even matches the design on the field stock. It is a pretty little accent that could use highlighting, maybe a little chalk, or white paint pen. Honestly, I'm surprised they did that on the OEM. I'm really glad my Benelli doesnt have "Benelli" plastered all over it, or I probably would have bought something else. I do not know why they must advertise, as if you didnt already buy the product. If they are worried about copies being represented as A&S, which I doubt, they could QC/proof it with a go-nogo gauge and then mark it good. Id be weary of such a critical component like this from an amatuer shop with zero previous credibility or repertoire. And to what standard are these being made..?+- 0.002-4 and such DOES exist.. What model is being used, what tolerances. The minimums? Maximums? Do they have the drawings, or an average from an appreciably sized sample? ...Wheres the "binary" triggers for m4s at... /sarcasm
  10. The stippling looks great. I'm going to have to try that. Even with my sissy hands. Sad thing is, before I even scrolled down, I knew they were TTI from the mismatch fit... I am just neurotic about it though and have been dealing with collector MGs too long.. starting to care more about fitment and finish.. hahhha
  11. Great comments, I was thinking to match the H2O.. I want the same, preferably higher standards. I agree on all points for the nitride, it might even match the black decently. Maybe 10% may go to Robar for those who already have coated M4s I may do the initial few sales, but plan on leaving bulk to the big boys like Ava or SD. A permanent resident/sales, with more tact than myself! Ha! Then you can also grab them with other products/services. It supports the community. Some ideas I have been playing with is a hollow core to save weight. I have been looking at the Briley bolt handle, which looks like the TTI one - crap checkering + 3 sided detent. I haven't heard much about them and fail to see why many of these are two piece.? Does it fit ok? On second thought, if anyone has an extra handle that they dont like, or is bad, post about it. I'll do my best to get that area fixed.
  12. Im not a metallurgist, I know a lot more about the "Organics". I do not know all the options, nor the forces or exact stresses involved. We were planning on the 41 series for simplicity, strength and abundance. The machinist said Ti would be purely novelty in this application and only drive prices up. I want this as cheap as possible for us all. I want the finish to match the original or be sold "raw", or even NP3+ coated. Also I will either need an example, someone to scan it, get me dimensions, or otherwise reverse engineer from search results, which I would like to avoid. I know the weights are around here as well, but I never saved the data,.. I believe light as possible will be the goal.. This is a community driven project, with no profits in mind at all. The shortcomings are very simple: rotation-limited base, receiver clearance, low (same) weight, retention, and handle geometry(CC). Spherical symmetry in the knob design, or at least 3 way symmetry should probably limit options. I dont want it excessively long, as it is the widest part of the gun and more leverage is only a bad thing. Im looking into improving the quick disconnect feature as noted above, making it more secure, possibly with a deeper retaining groove, or steeper ramps. Or even new (tighter) spring clip. Really as simple as that.. just a "part" no affiliations? That makes things very simple.
  13. Ok, I'm ready. Went to the machine shop and prowled around. This task will be breeze compared to the standard contracts they fill. A couple questions, possibly for Joel. As a private party, do you see any legal issues making a small run of these for resale in the community. Not starting a business or making a living. Understandably the shop worries about any liability that may be incurred as a "firearm" part. Material will likely be steel, kept as light of weight as possible. Titanium offers no real advantages at all in this situation. And plastic seems even worse. The shaft and 3 sided nub will be identical to the original Are we in for the original knob design, or modified (how so)? Checkering, or press knurling. Does anyone have a CAD/STL/P of the knob or is quick doing it? Also I would appreciate the OD/ID or any major measurements of that knob. To the nearest 0.001 is probably good enough. Again, this project is a GO from the machinist.
  14. As funny as that is, and as much as I laughed... best be careful, ya racist. And I doubt it. "Accuracy by volume is also effective" and so is few old-school ********"" like myself, bantering him for being a dumbass while you all "nicely" voice your opinions Yall a bunch of sugercoated puff drops anymore. Including the individual at A&S.. Speak to me like a Man, not some mumbling old man thats beaten by his wife into submission. If you cant take a sincere amount of criticism, I will call you a dumb **** and move on. I dont care. If he doesnt wanna listen to his customer base, he can cram those gaudy silver guards up his ass sideways. If he is too dense to see the incredibly obvious things I am telling him, what makes you think he is bright enough to deserve my attention? If he cant get the color right. What else cant he do. He is using a VMC for christ sake, this guy is no god. He is using 1990s technology. All I see is some kinda OK product he is making to fill a void in the market and try to make a living.. All while running **** customer service, and R&D. Effectively tattooing the forehead of every product. I wear a white T shirt, Carharts, and work boots, if I am not dressed up. I dont wear a hat with a baseball team, a shirt with a company, and shoes with a basketball player. My body is my temple and so is my M4. My girls dont wear yoga pants, and my car dont have bumper stickers. Cool a new part, Lets all go blindly buy it.. No! Pressure the manufacture into doing it right!, before bending over and taking it. Go Man up you bundle of sissies.. ... this place is an utter waste of time.
  15. Write how many you would request, I can have some made to the same spec..
  16. Maybe the customer complaints finally got to him somehow.... I doubt my 3 messages including quotes from you lazy deadbeats had ANY impact whatsoever.. *eyeroll* Amazing Any chance you can get that gaudy logo off the bottom too? Or at least a discreet engraving like Ava
  17. Ugh.. yeah.. And the law only allows the wussiest cat toy lasers to be sold. I want my Class 4 on this .. Trying to think of a similar way to mount it. Hey Joel, How much for a mount with brackets on both sides for lights? Hahah I can convert maybe another host you support, into a laser.
  18. "They are T10 torx. We are going to start including a T10 driver bit in the near future. We're also re-printing the instructions to include more information. Thanks for your suggestion and understanding. Best regards. " Look at that! An outstanding company. I will be sure to reccomend the products! I still believe customer feedback never hurts a constructive seller! Ive heard so many complaints about the A&S color and branding, or the Carriercomp handles. But little action. Find some kid at a machine shop willing to make some. That's my next mission if anyone has a CAD or basic drawing of the shaftttt..
  19. SCALARWORKS 50 Hilton St, Ste 101 Easton, PA 18042 M-F/9:00-17:00 EST 1-844-556-1913 there you go, since you were Oh so helpful! now you can see how they are Not open today..
  20. Yeeeepp i told them. It's God's day. thanks for not answering!
  21. Heyoo, anyone point me to some mounts on the other side?
  22. What size are these screws? It finally showed up and now it's sitting on the shelf because I lack the tool for install. Why not include a 0.10 tool? main critique so far
  23. Good efforts with Gieselle. I'll send another this month. It surely doesn't go to a dead end. Somebody still has to delete it. Same with Kip. If you two agreed, you wouldn't be crying to us. He would be making them. So go cry to him. Who cares what he says, he's an old crazy machinist. A nobody, it's just easy for him to make a living on M4 mag tubes. If enough people start clamoring. He will make them again. He hasn't received enough attention. A mob of 500 people outside his shop would get action. If you want it. Tell him. This "community" isn't one. There's Stranger danger, benelli works, rose action sports, unobtanium and maybe a handful of idlers. Ava and scalar works. And a squad of little boys with toys and sensitive feelings. Its more like a troubleshooting board than anything else. Youre re not gonna get a response like you would on FNforum or ar15 1919 any of those.. id go hit up the three gun and tacticool crowd for mass support. Get a petition or survey, something. Asking why isn't gonna do much. Im only here cause I am in agreement with you
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