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  1. Under the 26" law, could Benelli import either the M3 Breacher or a Shockwave variant of the M4 with the 14" barrel and import them as non-SBS? With the current monopolization of the Remington TAC14, Mossberg Shockwave, and Black Aces Tactical firearms manufactured without a stock and overall length of 26", I believe this is a niche Benelli should consider. SAMMY!
  2. Sammy

    vintage 2004 pics

    Still have my 11721. Won't ever sell
  3. Will you please send me the demo for the forearm as well? I am guessing that you are using an Factory FN SAW Foregrip? Thanx. SAMMY!
  4. If you purchase a 4-port model, Benelli will replace the barrel for free. When I purchased my M4LE and found out about the barrel porting issue, I sent the shotgun back and they returned it with a new barrel. SAMMY!
  5. texas skeeter, email me. thanx. SAMMY!
  6. Isn't there a handguard that mocks the standard Benelli M4 rail and has a Picatinny rail along the bottom? I am considering the Brugger and Thomet quadrail, but I am concerned about increasing the weight of an already heavy firearm. PS. Check out the MK46 SAW fore-grip. It is manufactured by FN and matches the Benelli M4 pistol-grip. SAMMY!
  7. Any feedback on the Specter-Gear (CQB Solutions) CQB, CST and/or SOP slings for the Benelli M4LE with telestock? Thanx. SAMMY!
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