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  1. There are a variety of mag tube attachments that add a section of pic rail. Rasyad
  2. I finally got around to finishing my M4 project. The Briley hand guard and Modlite were the last bits. To get the Modlite mounted for optimized illumination I used a modified IWC TMC 1" LIGHT MOUNT-N-SLOT sort of backwards from its original intent. For the switch I could have simply used the supplied sticky Velcro but whats the fun in that. Instead I took a Cloud Defensive LCS over to the Bridgeport and milled off the mloc bosses on the bottom and the mount wing on the open end and then drilled and countersunk for the new fastener. Of course the direct mount to the Briley hand guard required
  3. Thanks for the heads up. I agree the split buck makes a ton of sense. I really like the the idea of limiting over penetration. I am a big fan of Federal's Flight Control slugs and OO buck. Rasyad
  4. Sent you an email.. Rasyad
  5. Thanks Steve. I have to disassemble the trigger group again for more machining to increase side-to-side clearance for the Briley hammer. Once I have the correct clearance I will give A &S a call to see how their new parts measure. Then make a decision on color, buy an new one, re-coat, sell this one.... Rasyad
  6. Good cheek weld, no, not like lying prone on a precision rifle. It is more of a heads up, side of lthe chin, lip, tip of the nose affair. I believe it will be very workable but I don't have any range time on it yet. Will report back with a range report. Rasyad
  7. From an aesthetic perspective I totally agree having a bunch of junk high above the bore on a shotgun looks goofy. The top heavy look is made worse by my experiment with the rear mounted laser in that I had to use all the Shield spacers to make it work. I like the general illumination of the UTG Laser and may mount it on a 45 degree offset if it holds up to the recoil. Tuning the optics will be the easy part of this project. The way it is set up the grove down the center of the picatinny rail serves as perfectly adequate short range sight with the optics removed. My other long gun is a L
  8. By way of background, here in California semi-automatic shotguns like the M4 must have fixed stocks and 18" barrels. Working within these constraints my goal was to create a minimalist design optimized for my dwarf like body and squared of stance in a home defense / CQB role. Previous experimentation with an OEM collapsible stock helped me discover the appropriate LOP and Drop for my physical build and purpose. Range time and training will be needed to see if i got it right. Anyhow, the details. 1. Debrazed the front iron sight and smoothed re-coated the barrel. 2. Removed the OE
  9. Here is the project completed...(for now)...details to follow..... Rasyad
  10. I contacted Troy at ATI (Advanced Technology International) and he was able to find me a tool, Wow, what a great company to deal with. Rasyad
  11. Rtired, Thanks, I am a few weeks out before everything is ready for coating and then assembly. Will PM as needed. Rasyad
  12. I am doing a custom project that involves an ATI pistol grip and telescoping stock. I need to locate the tool for installing the pistol grip nut. It looks like an AR15 buttstock nut but is inset into the grip so the normal spanner won't work. Any thoughts from those that have installed the ATI pistol grip? Thanks, Rasyad
  13. Funny, I converted my LMT308MWS to the Elfman push button safety and will never go back. HERE Rasyad
  14. SOLD here in CA. Thanks, Rasyad
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