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  1. Rasyad

    Latest M4

    Nice Blaster....... Rasyad
  2. System is Sold and Shipped to Blinks711. Super easy transaction, buyer is GTG. Thanks, Rasyad
  3. Thanks Robb, I just ordered one of your current stock. Be Well, Rasyad
  4. I will be up for a black one when they become available. Can you explain your locking handle design? Does this require a tool? On the tolerance issue with Cerakote.... are you talking about the sharpness of the knurling or the shaft that interacts with the bolt? I don't see an issue leaving the shaft bare and just coating the knurling part. Rasyad
  5. PRICE DROP.........$480 for everything......shipped. Thanks Rasyad
  6. HERE is a link to my original build thread. Rasyad
  7. That is a Cerakoted Carrier Comp tube with a 1.006" OD so I am pretty sure it is a 1" ring. Here are some additional images. I am open to offers Thanks, Rasyad
  8. System includes.... 8" Briley 3Gun M-LOK Handguard with custom direct mount Cloud Defense LCS Surefire UEo7 tailcap and pressure pad Modlite PLHv2 - 18650, will include single battery. Haley Strategic light ring / IWC light bar assembly I had fun building this system as I have a Bridgeport mill and know how to use it. However, I found that the Briley Handguard is a little to big for my hands and I am going back to the OEM handguards. The system parts came to $780 not including shipping or tax. Probably only about 50 rounds and has been sitting in the safe. All components are like new. I would like to get $560 for everything, free domestic shipping via USPS Priority, insured. Please check out my original build thread for details. Thanks, Rasyad
  9. There are a variety of mag tube attachments that add a section of pic rail. Rasyad
  10. I finally got around to finishing my M4 project. The Briley hand guard and Modlite were the last bits. To get the Modlite mounted for optimized illumination I used a modified IWC TMC 1" LIGHT MOUNT-N-SLOT sort of backwards from its original intent. For the switch I could have simply used the supplied sticky Velcro but whats the fun in that. Instead I took a Cloud Defensive LCS over to the Bridgeport and milled off the mloc bosses on the bottom and the mount wing on the open end and then drilled and countersunk for the new fastener. Of course the direct mount to the Briley hand guard required mount holes and fabrication and press fit of a couple brass "T" nut inserts. Note, the clearance is really tight between the M4 pistons and the inside of the hand guard which meant the insert flange could be no more than about 0.060" thick. As most will realize, barrel disassembly now requires an Alan key to loosen the ring mount so the light can slip off the end of the magazine tube, followed by the barrel assembly and hand guard. In practice, this extra disassembly step is made even easier as the switch also slides out the end of the LCS freeing the light, ring mount and switch as an intact unit. For my hands the switch is perfectly positioned for both grip and thumb activation. Of course, performance of the forward mounted Modlite is shadow free and effective for movement and PID. As expected the Aimpoint T2 provides a clear aiming solutions in all lighting conditions. Rasyad
  11. Thanks for the heads up. I agree the split buck makes a ton of sense. I really like the the idea of limiting over penetration. I am a big fan of Federal's Flight Control slugs and OO buck. Rasyad
  12. Sent you an email.. Rasyad
  13. Thanks Steve. I have to disassemble the trigger group again for more machining to increase side-to-side clearance for the Briley hammer. Once I have the correct clearance I will give A &S a call to see how their new parts measure. Then make a decision on color, buy an new one, re-coat, sell this one.... Rasyad
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