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  1. Something I've never understood about small companies, is if demand is overflowing, and you cant keep up with production, and are losing sales as a result, why not hire more help? Greed? Many UNsucessful companies try to hold out using this ineffective business strategy for a few dwindling years. Perhaps out of old-dog hardheadedness. I placed an order last year, we will see if it ever comes through.
  2. Absolutely, on my Benelli and my AR. I speak nothing but the highest and always recommend it to others. Ill be waiting. EDIT: Just saw this and wanted to say Congrats!! " ETA pushed back to March, 2017 due to Military Contract"
  3. Hmm, ive seen the threads change like that from a close match. Another example was 1/8 NPT vs 1/8 BSPT fitting. So close they will thread in and mess up sometimes dispite providing a leak tight seal.
  4. Cutting choke threads into the US 14? Whats that running you? And where at? I was thinking of that as well...
  5. Very Cool!! I currently have the Ava MOD1, but no light I can find to put on there yet... sniffle... Very interesting, IWC makes some decent things, I look forward to hearing more about it.
  6. Heat shield? I put ~200 rounds through it as fast as I could and it was maybe a bit warm under a gloved hand... how do you get yours so hot? You got a detachable box mag conversion?? Haha
  7. Why do I have a feeling the owner of Scalarworks did exceptionally well in school... Everything, even the posts and grammar have such nice fit and finish... Godaaamnnn!!
  8. Seems like you like to involve your daughter a lot. Very nice to hear, Looking forward to having a family someday to spend time with! Take care everyone!
  9. Toaster

    New FFT Stuff

    Uhm, sorry, tuning? I used to dyno tune fuel and ignition maps but find it difficult to apply that definition to a singular mechanism as simple as a trigger. Can you point me to a review of these triggers and more about them? Also, any updated info on the latest batch of FFTs is appreciated. I might go that route if they got their ducks in a row.
  10. Toaster

    New FFT Stuff

    I just took a look at the Briley triggers. 270$! It's crazy. It's the dollar tanking or something? I never thought the stock trigger was bad? And they won't let you install it? I'd really like to hear your take on them. Means if the FFT triggers, how many have you checked up on though and how have they faired? Hammer dents? Finish flaking? I wonder if the new ones are better somehow.
  11. Toaster

    New FFT Stuff

    Old Thread Revival, but what was the conclusion of the FFT trigger packs? Have the Hardness problems been rectified? Finish better? Thinking about placing an order for the FFT trigger pack, but at $200 it seems kinda steep for an inferior piece.. LMk Thanks!
  12. So I've been thinking about it still. What about mounting it out further, with a remote switch closer to the receiver, or by the foregrip?.. Hmmm
  13. Absolutely Fantastic Company The mindset and attention to detail is one often looked over nowadays, I really like the fact that it utilizes all the fastener holes for stability, and that you have dedicated designs to keep each model optimal, low and light as possible. Looking forward to the M$ mount and will also be sure to pick up mounts for my ARs. I am very happy with this company and will surely recommend them to as many peers as possible. Wish you good luck, keep up the good work and take care!!
  14. Sorry, but that looks absolutely ridiculous. A very half ass fix. Hardly can believe it's actually being considered. Why can the mount not be moved out further instead?
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