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  1. And what's wrong with an Eotech on a Benelli??? I've had a Benelli M-3' mounted with an Eotech and currently own my M-4 with an Aimpoint Comp 4. I suppose you would have a negative opinion about that as well. At my age and with failing eyesight , for me it is a very effective tool to be used in a complete black out situation where simply pointing the shotgun at intended target may not be as effective as one may think. As a new member you seem to be very opinionated and critical of other members weapons platforms. Each individual is going to build his or her weapon as they see fit to serve them. Nobody really cares how many Eotechs or M-4's that you own. You would be better off sticking to your stenciled paint jobs and sticking them back in the safe where they most likely sit unused. And once again, I am saying a whole lot about something Pal !!!!!!! (Looking forward to our next exchange).
  2. I received my replacement Sure Fire M-80 back in October 2017. That is interesting that Benelli Defense is still displaying the M-80 based on Sure Fire reps stating to me that the item was discontinued 2 years ago. Based on my experience and my experience only, I would not recommend M-80 as a fore grip option. Most ranges do not allow Rapid fire. I had no issues with the M-80 while firing my M-4 under standard range rules. I found a range that allows rapid fire. It was at that time I found out the M-4 would not cycle under rapid fire conditions. The cause was 100% due to the failure of the Sure Fire M-80.
  3. Product Discontinued by Manufacturer SureFire Benelli M4 Shotgun Picatinny Rail System M80 for SureFire Laser sights flashlights has been discontinued by SureFire and is no longer available. ( This is typically the response you get when you search for the M-80. The above response is from Optics Planet). When I sent my defective M-80 back to Surefire they told me that the M-80 was discontinued. They sent me a new replacement from new old stock.
  4. I was stating my experience between two after market fore ends. I find it interesting that you are so concerned on dirt getting into a piston system that is self cleaning. I certainly don't expect to be wallowing around in a mud hole with my Benelli M-4 any time soon. I have cycled well over two thousand rapid fire rounds without a miss fire with the B&T. Could not cycle 4 rounds rapid fire without a miss fire with Sure Fire M-80 once damage accord. I believe that I am saying a whole lot about something. By the way, how many B&T fore ends have you had mounted on a Benelli M-4??
  5. I have had my B&T Benelli fore grip installed for several years and find the quad rail to be very effective, functional, and comfortable. It is an all aluminum construction, far superior to the Sure Fire M-80. You can install rubber rail inserts along all un-used open areas of the rail making it very comfortable. There are not many options for fore grips for the Benelli M-4. I have found this to be far superior in design in comparison to the Sure Fire M-80 which has rubber along the barrel and the Argo system pistons. I have a previous article on the malfunction that Sure Fire took responsibility for on their poor design regarding my Sure Fire M-80. The extreme heat from the barrel would disfigure the rubber along the Argo System causing the pistons to come in contact with the deformed rubber. The weapon would malfunction under rapid fire using Sabo slugs. When I contacted Sure Fire I was told to send M-80 to their research dept. where they took full responsibility for the defective product. They sent me a new M-80 from remaining new old stock. I'm assuming that's one reason among several why Sure Fire stopped production of the M-80. I have cycled up to 250 Sabo slugs in any given day, rapid fire with the B&T, without 1 malfunction.
  6. ***This appears to be a pretty good deal if you are still looking for 5.56 ammo as well as P-Mags. "Palmetto State Armory". *** Federal 5.56 NATO 55gr FMJ 420 Rounds in Ammo Can & Ten (10) PMAG 30 5.56x45 Magazines SKU#KIT-0242 18 Reviews | 10 Questions, 18 Answers Availability: In stock $199.99 Customize and Add to Cart Quick Overview free shipping Free Shipping applies to this item only and not the entire order. SKU: KIT-0242 UPC: MFR#: (1) Federal 5.56 NATO 55gr FMJ 420rds in Ammo Can ‒ XM193LC1 AC1 (SKU 39135) (10) Magpul PMAG 30, 5.56X45 Magazine ‒ MAG571-BLK (SKU 2)
  7. You may want to consider staying away from the Surefire M80 Rail. The rubber comes in contact the Argo system pistons causing failure to eject under rapid fire. Under single shot fire you will have no problem. Most ranges will not authorize rapid fire. You would never know there was a problem. I was able to find a range that authorizes rapid fire and that is when I realized there was a problem. You could see where the rubber was melting. I sent it back to Surefire. It was determined the problem was on their side . Even know they don't manufacture them any longer they had a few left in stock and sent a new one, no charge. I have since sold it unopened for $300.00 which is a fair price. I went with the B&T Quad Rail which is all aluminum. I have fired at least 500 rounds rapid fire with out one failure. There have been other articles in the past addressing the same problem with the Surefire M80. I hope this helps.
  8. You should always have your HD shotgun attached to your body whether you prefer a single point or two point sling. When clearing your home, God forbid you ever need to, a worst case scenario is that you loose control of your weapon in a struggle. I prefer a single point mounting platform. It would be extremely difficult to loose control of my weapon if a struggle were to occur. If a struggle were to occur, from the ready position, I would still be able to take out an individuals lower extremities.
  9. Sorry to hear about your M4 cycling problems. I can only go by my experience with my M4 and that is it cycles everything that I run through the weapon. Long or short brass.The Argo system should be cycling anything right out of the box. I would certainly notify Benelli and let them make the decision on what action needs to be taken.
  10. With all do respect I would not call an Aimpoint Comp 4, a Surefire M951 Light, or a Laser Lyte shot gun laser junk. I'm not sure how much you think each item weighs or how you think that my M4 is some how " Out of Balance" but for me its not. I'm not sure what your physical stature is or why you think that my M4 which may be a total of 3 lbs. + heavier than a stock M4 is some how going to matter going from a ready position to a firing position. My M4 does not sit in a safe or the corner of a room collecting dust. I'm at the range at least once a month and fire between 200-250 sabo slugs with all accessories attached. I am authorized to rapid fire my weapon at the indoor range that I go to. I have no problem with control. Not everyone has the physical capabilities to accurately fire their Benelli in that manner whether it has accessories or not. I do. The only time that I had a problem with feeding is when I had a Surefire Tri-Rail and the rubber sides melted and interfered with the ARGO system. That has since been corrected with a B&T quad rail. Weight from one individual to the next is a relative term. My M4 is fit for purpose for many different scenarios relative to me. I have enjoyed our debate and once again to Rasyad, nice job on your weapon. Blessings...
  11. Really nice job. You have kept the lines very clean. As far as the height of the optic, depending on the use of the weapon and lets face it that typically we build our M4 shotguns for the sole purpose of self defense, the height of your optic in relationship to the bore simply does not matter. Other than it not being ecstatically pleasing to some people it will have no effect on the function or accuracy of your weapon. That's why we bore site our weapons. The longest shot that would ever be fired in your average home would be about 35'. Clearing a room 13-15'. What ever height is necessary for you to lay your cheek on the cheek weld in a total black out environment and be able to acquire your red dot 100% of the time is the correct height whether that can be done 1/2" above the receiver or 1-1/2" above the receiver. In my case using my Aimpoint it's the latter. Again, great job on your weapon.
  12. Sorry it took so long to get back with you. This is a Nordick Component oversized bolt release. It took some gunsmithing in regard to drilling a precision hole and tap. I used a drill press. You definitely would not want to try to drill the hole with a hand drill. This is a nicely machined quality part. I preferred the circular bolt release as no matter where I make contact on the Nordick, the bolt releases. I attached a piece of felt behind the bolt release so as not to scratch the receiver when operating. As far as bolt release sitting below receiver, I attached a better pic showing how bolt release is actually sitting on receiver. The bolt release does not sit below the receiver. I hope this helped. Blessings...
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