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SBE3 Questions


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Just picked up a new SBE3 and while reassembling for cleaning and lubrication I noticed that unlike my SBE2, the SBE3's trigger assembly needed a little force to *snap* into place in the receiver. The rear of the trigger housing makes an audible click when pushed into the receiver and it has to be held in place in order to slide the trigger pin into place. Is this normal?


I should note there is no binding or anything with trigger in place, its just a tight fit.


Also in the manual it says that the "C" shims provide a 65mm drop but when searching on Midwest Gun Works the "C" shim is listed as a 60mm drop. There is also a "D" shim for the 20 Ga Ethos, but not for the SBE3. Which is right? Is the new "C" shim 60mm or 65mm and do they make a "D" shim for the 12 Ga SBE3?



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On 7/21/2019 at 4:30 PM, Carter9 said:

My SB3 has issues ejecting one brand of shell and never any other 3 1/2  goose loads so heavy shot jams but I have yet to find another brand that does  should I try to upgrade the spring? or what should I do?

what brand shells do you have issues with?

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