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Red dot sight , need help

Adventurer m4

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I decided to put red dot on my M4 and take the aimpoint Which I have on M4 and mount it on M2 so I was trying tasco red dot on my M4 and after shooting 5 shells the nob went out completely broken ..... plus I noticed the red dot dose not dim so I guess it's Chinese tasco, now I have to buy another red dot for the M4 I have 2 choices first the aimpoint same as I have on M2 which is the comp M4 Second eotech I don't know which model but I guess the one which takes 2 123 batteries

So what do you suggest guys


Eotech or Aimpoint???

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I tried the trijicon RX34A last night in woods at the beginning my shotgun light was at 1000 lumens at close range such as 20 meters on light color targets didn't see the dot but after 20 meters I can see it , then I switched the light to 400 lumens only and the spot is clear , it's not as bright as during day but it will do and you can shoot easily, its better to view targets and shoot faster using it than using the Aimpoint comp 4

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