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Barrel Connection of M2 Tactical


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Dear Sir / Madam,

I just purchased a brand new Benelli M2 Tactical with ComforTech option (item #:11029). There is one concern that may I have your advice, please. The manual says that the Barrel-Fore-End unit needs to be attached or detached during the bolt is open (the cocking lever should be locked at back). But I found that the barrel-fore-end unit of my M2 can be easily slide-in and slide-out WITHOUT opening the bolt. Is it normal and is it still safe to use this gun? Thank you so much.


Sincerely Yours.



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It isn't a real issue. When the bolt is forward the lugs on the locking head are rotated into the recesses on the barrel extension. However, except for its forward position, there's nothing that is physically keeping the locking head "locked" into position. If you pull the barrel off with the bolt closed, the locking head will just come forward with the barrel until the cam pin rotates the head, freeing the lugs from their recesses in the extension. The barrel will come off normally.

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